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Found 3 results

  1. Happy Friday, everyone! We're starting the weekend off swimmingly with new forum moderators! But first, thank you to all of the community members who took the time to apply. We only had a need for two new mods, but we really value everyone in the forums. If we have another search, we encourage you to apply again! After going through all the applicants, we narrowed it down to two qualified individuals who have shown us their ability to be well-spoken, level-headed, mature, positive & friendly, and just all-around great guys in the forums. As of today, we knight Vinchenzo and GoldenGhost. We dub thee Mod Level 1! Please join me in congratulating them <3 May your moderating be just, fair, and swift.
  2. I know from joining other [larger] forums that mods are important to keep order, and thus they usually have mods separated to different forums. What if that IDE was applied here? Now, I know that there are fewer active mods than forums, but I just thought this was an interesting idea. The mods can use their powers anywhere, but they just have certain forums to, for lack of better word, moderate and participate in. EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are one or two 'head mods' that are general mods such as all of our mods right now. Again, just an idea, but I figured it was worth mentioning...
  3. It is not that I want to be a mod but I have always wondered how do you become one?