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Found 13 results

  1. Thoughts? A few partnerships: Some more info:
  2. True213

    E3 2016

    June 14-16 At the Los Angeles Convention Center is the date and site for this years E3. Big names include Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo showing their newest games and consoles and accessories for the year of 2016 and beyond. Anything you look forward to seeing at this years showcase?
  3. You know what this thread is for Post pictures of your grand collection, discuss Amiibos you're going after, share those Amiibo hunting tips, hoot and holler about amiibo-related announcements, laugh at Brandon who almost bought 2 Marths, 2 Villagers and 2 WFTs at retail price but then cancelled his order, or brag about your recent trip to Walmart which resulted in you finding a Little Mac amiibo stuffed inside a homeless guy's knapsack. Or just discuss amiibos in general. I'll start this off by sharing my collection: 's byootiful Note that I also have Diddy Kong back at home and, as I mentioned in another thread, I have Sonic, Mega Man and Sheik on the way. So that's 5 I own so far, and I feel somewhat proud that I've managed to get at least a few uncommon ones for close to retail price. I'm not sure at this point how many I'm going to get, but I can say that I have no interest at all in the upcoming Super Mario Bros series of amiibos. Smash 4 lyfe bby Now post those collections and be ready to brag. (For reals though keep it fairly humble and polite, the amiibo community is toxic enough)
  4. Mangle


    Since no one else is making a topic on this, I guess I'll do it. My honest opinion of it, I see it as a lesser version of Tomodachi Life. As long as it's free, I'm willing to give it a shot. For anyone that might want to be my friend on there, my NNID is Gamefemale (I honestly wish I could change that). If there's an option where friends can be added by their mii names, I'll make another post when the social app(?) launches and give out my mii's name.
  5. Super Mario Maker is right around the corner, and I figured I would make a thread for this game, one reason being that we can share our custom made levels here as well as give advice and critiques, among other things related to the game. Since it isn't September 11th yet, the game isn't out for the public as of yet. So I think we ought to talk about some things we're excited for / dissapointed in / curious about. Personally I'm kinda sad to hear that amiibo costumes only work in the 8-bit style, it would have been really cool to see them work in Mario 3 / Mario World styles.
  6. Would this even be remotely possible? I mean, I would love to play the entire Behemoth collection on my 3DS, always, anytime. Boy would that be nice. Thoughts?
  7. So in case you haven't heard, here's the news from a recent Nintendo press conference. Nintendo is partnering with Japanese mobile giant DeNA and, with this partnership, plans to make games for smartphones and tablets using Nintendo IPs. To clarify, these are games made just for smartdevices, not ports of games from other consoles, and they will feature Nintendo characters and worlds. They also plan to develop a new core system that is compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets, and Nintendo consoles. They're aiming to release a membership service that utilizes their new system by Fall 2015. Guess we'll hear more at E3. Additionally, Nintendo has announced that they plan to show their next dedicated gaming console next year. It's currently codenamed Nintendo NX and Iwata claims it is being designed around a "brand new concept". He gave this announcement to assure everyone that Nintendo's enthusiasm for dedicated video game consoles is not hindered in any way by the decision to enter the mobile app market, but rather strengthened. So ladies and gents, this is the future of Nintendo. What do you think? I'm betting my money that the Nintendo NX will incorporate AR or VR and the reason they're pushing it so quickly is because, well, all of the other major console developers have shown their VR headsets and it's Nintendo's turn to step up to the plate. I think we'll be hearing about it next year and we'll see a 2017 release date, giving the Wii U a 5-year life-span just like the Wii had. As for their mobile development, I'm curious to see what kinds of franchises they send over. We'll obviously be seeing Mario on smartdevices, as well as spin-off Pokemon games similar to Pokemon Shuffle. I could also see Kirby and maybe Donkey Kong games on smartdevices, and I'd actually love to see a WarioWare game for mobile. Overall I think the decision to develop for mobile devices is a very smart one, and it was also very smart of them to announce their next console along with this so that people didn't freak out and think Nintendo is in some kind of financial trouble. So what games do you want to see on mobile devices? What do you think the Nintendo NX will be like: a handheld? a console? both? VR or AR? something else entirely? What impact will it have on the "current gen" of consoles? Post your thoughts!
  8. Believe it or not, two years ago today was the release of Nintendo's Wii U console. Sales have been less than great, but with changes on the horizon (especially with copyright policies on YouTube and the likes), sales may be up in the near future. But, as usual, Nintendo only gives a year or two before starting the next generation. It might be three more years, but what do you think will be in the future of Nintendo? Will it be the 'Quality-of-Life' product that they've been vaguely talking about? A new handheld? Share your ideas below! And cheers to change! Maybe Nintendo can get back in the popular market... I hope...
  9. Nintendo has announced the next wave of its Amiibo Figures! Wave 1 consisted of 12 figures: Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer; and Wave 2 consisted of 6 figures: Zelda, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Little Mac, Pit, and Captain Falcon. The new Wave 3 consists of 11 figures: Toon Link, Ike, Lucario, King Dedede, Bowser, Mega Man, Sheik, Shulk, Meta Knight, Rosalina & Luma, and Sonic. What are your thoughts on the new figures?
  10. Uprising is awesome. Let's talk about Uprising. P.S. Palms are my favorite weapon types!
  11. We're about two weeks away guys, Nintendo is gonna finally show all its system sellers, Sony is going to use this Xbox One negativity to its advantage and attempt to raise hype, and Microsoft is going to (atleast attempt to) redeem itself with the core gaming crowd after its TV focused presentation earlier this month! Now, quickly, let's take a look at some E3 rumours and what to expect from the big 3 Xbox One -Microsoft has 15 exclusive IPs on the way for Xbox One, we might see some of these here -Rare is reviving a classic 64 era franchise, could this be the reason for the renewed Killer Instinct Trademark? Finally Banjo-Threeie? Only time will tell -Can Kinect Two justify itself as being an "always-on" peripheral? -Halo 5, it must be coming, will it stand up to the original trilogy and 343's previous Halo effort? -Will we finally see some clarity on used games on Xbox One and finally put these rumours to rest? That's all I've got for Microsoft, let's head to Sony Playstation 4 -Sony is definitely in the best position of the big three, they'll surely show off the actual PS4 hardware for the first time -New Infamous: Second Son details, will it become the PS4's system seller? -Rumour has it that Sumo Digital is working on a LittleBigPlanet 3. These games have a huge following, we might hear something about it now -Sony is looking good to the majority in the PS4 department, but a portion of time will surely be put aside to continue to (attempt to) justify PSmove and PSVita, two major flops so far -Destiny: Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us will surely have new details, but are there any PS4 games Naughty Dog is cooking up? Insomniac just got done making Fuse, how about them? -The functionality of the PS4 Controller's touchscreen will be shown, along with whether or not it actually innovates -Will wonderbook return? Hopefully not, in my opinion -Any more new IPs to get gamers excited for PS4? If so, expect them at E3 Now, for the Wii U, the one with the biggest plethora of rumours Wii U -Nintendo won't hold a presentation, but they will have several Nintendo Directs, any surprised? -Retro's new game has been in development for a looong time. The most accepted rumour is that we're getting Prime 4 for Wii U. Will we get an apology for Metroid: Other M? -Another Rumour is the addition of GCN games for Wii U virtual console -We'll most likely see more of Mario & Luigi DT and LttP2, but other than that, it's safe to say that 3DS will sit most of E3 out, it needs no help at this point -Zelda HD and Pikmin 3 will most likely be shown for a brief amount of time, with WWHD getting a release date. -New 3D Mario will be a huge point, along with Sonic: Lost World -We know of Sonic: LW and and new M&S, but Sega's partnership has one more game. Mario Kart U is confirmed to be shown, and rumour has it the final game in the partnership is a crossover between Mario Kart and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. -New Super Smash Bros! Expect a new trailer, for the Wii U version at least. Maybe we'll see how 3DS development is coming along, but expect Smash Bros to be a huge point in the direct. -They probably have a few tricks up there sleeve as far as unexpected games. Star Fox? F-Zero? Talk around the water cooler is a new Wave Racer exclusively for Wii U. -This is the year of Luigi, why haven't we seen more Luigi games? So far we know of 3 (New Super Luigi U, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team), when will we see more? Wouldn't be unexpected to see some more Weegee games That's most of what we know for now, anything ya'll hope for? Expect? Discuss below and etc.
  12. I couldn't find a thread that was dedicated to the upcoming Super Smash Bros game, so I thought to myself "this is bound to happen eventually, might as well open it up now while I've got news". On that note, I have news! Masahiro Sakurai has announced that a video about the new Super Smash Bros game will be shown in the next Nintendo Direct on June 11th!! This is exciting, we finally get a look at what to expect! And in only 5 days! So until then, let's get some discussion going: what do you all hope they reveal? What new characters do you want? New stages? New items, game modes, anything else? Anything from Brawl you don't want to return?