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Found 8 results

  1. Remember these guys? They were my childhood. I remember getting that blue one with wings and throwing it down the stairs trying to get it to fly. (I was a pretty stupid little kid.) Apparently they're rebooting it now. Great to see that my childhood is still relevant. Anyway, what do you think of these buildable action figures? Any memories of them?
  2. Revon

    Mighty No. 9

    As many of you have noticed, CAPCOM isn't too fond of giving Mega Man much attention these last few years. Unlike CAPCOM, Keiji Inafune (Mega Man, Dead Rising, Onimusha, etc.) has decided to create a new project: Mighty No. 9. It will be a new game with classic side-scrolling gameplay, but with many new additions. It looks rather promising and any fan of Mega Man will definitely enjoy this. Using Kickstarter, they are on their way to reach $2,000,000 (originally $900,000) to ensure that Mighty No. 9 comes to home consoles as well as PC/Mac/Linux.
  3. Cat Guard

    I Draw Stuff

    I will draw stuff that resolve around the behemoth. First photo soon of Hatty
  4. So basically, I want to get a gaming PC. I have been playing on Steam a lot lately, and all of my friends are talking about all the epic stuff on PC too, so now I want one. The only problem is that I have no idea where to start. My plan is to get one sometime over the summer, either buy building it myself somehow or by just buying one normally. Like I said before, I have no idea where to start. My price range is probably between $800-$1300, and I really don't want a laptop. If anyone who has had a PC or has one now, if you could please just recommend brands and such that would really help me out a lot. I'm probably going to be asking my friends about this stuff too, so I'll update my 'progress' as it happens. Sorry if any of this is vague, but I know almost nothing about PCs or their parts. That is where you come in.
  5. What is so attractive about BBT is something that not all of the hot games have today. This is something that not many game developers keep much attention to. When a game is made, the game devleopers of other game series usually focus more of the actual game and focus too much when they're putting too much effort into something that's probably old. That's like beating a dead bird with a rock. For 7 years. The developers of BBT found an important aspect of a game that isn't paid much attention to by many other game devs. It's something other games do not have. In fact, it's two things. One is simplicity. The simple plot of BBT is shining which leads to the other aspect I'll explain in another piece of text. The actual game is simple, but it has so many possibilities coming out of it. This is what I mean by "BBT found an important aspect of a game that isn't paid much attention to by many other game devs" because other game devs try to keep it fresh and pay too much attention to that. Let's take a shooter game for example. Graphics are insane, games are full of complicated mechanics, etc. while BBT relies on its simplicity because the graphics are simple and understandable which puts less effort into them. When it's understandable it's good. The other is humor; and yes, other games have humor but do not compare to BBT. The plot is twisted and weird which adds to its humor and makes it fun. An actual fun game compared to an actual seriousness in a modern game as of today. It makes it stand out. It also balances absolute seriousness because.. there is none! What devs don't realize is that a non-serious game can also be a good game as well: maybe even better. To conclude, it's like a scavenger hunt. BBT relies on having a fun and a simple game of a scavenger hunt. They find all the items with a simple way to find them: just looking for them. Other games tend to overcomplicate their ways when the questions are just "the room the thing in is the opposite color of black" so basically BBT knows it's the white room while others tend to overthink and completely go off-target.
  6. Well I haven't posted anything in awhile because I was on vacation in San Antonio and other places. I am just saying I'm back because I was going to leave the behemoth forums but decided not to because of all you wonderful people. If you don't care just leave this topic then P.S The older members will probably remember me but not the new ones AND I'M NOT TALKING THE OLD MEMBERS FROM FREAKIN 1800 (2008,2009).
  7. Put any Motto's or Jingles you've heard of or just make one up. Burlington, Brag about it!
  8. Put any Motto's or Jingles you've heard of or just make one up. Burlington, Brag about it!