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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, My mother and father both have Nintendo accounts and they are linked to his Switch. My husband and I both have Nintendo accounts liked to my Switch. Whenever we choose Online - Play with Friends, either of these two things happen once we exit the character choice screen: - Two players are in the game, one never makes it in, one has their vitals show but they are outlandish like $53 million in coins, serious lag issues - Three players are in the game (let's say me, husband, dad), mom never makes it in, dad can only see me but not my husband, serious lag issues still When my father and I play - we have no issues which I am guessing is because we are the primary accounts linked to our Switches. Does anyone know how to enable it so that all four of us can play together? Thank you!
  2. Hey guys! I have an xbox one and i just love this game, but my friends have a PC and we cant play together! So we want CASTLE CRASHERS to have crossplay, maybe even for ps4 !please BEHEMOTH... IF YOU WANT TOO SHARE THIS IDEA AND REPLY... thanks
  4. BattleBlock Theater: Everytime i click the quick match button it always says all games are currently full. EVERYTIME i tried hosting, no one ever joined. I tried playing online for over 2 weeks and all games are always full. Something must be wrong. Castle Crashers: NEVER found any game. it says No Games Found. Please help, i'm really tempted to play with other people and get some achievements and also make friends. I'm bored playing local, i have sticks but i have no friends to play with. I beg you
  5. How often do you find them? I find them occasionally, and they are always fun to play with. How often do you guys find actual good randoms?
  6. Let me first start by saying I'm very disappointed that this thread does not already exist. Unforgotten realms is an online web-show created, animated, and voiced by Robert Moran. The plot of the show is to friends playing a dungeons and dragons type game. The show does start off slow but becomes amazing and generally very funny over time. The animation is not the best but does have a certain charm. Over all its a very clever show and think it does deserve a fair chance. It is however on hold (around episode 50) as the creator is making a game based on the show called "Unforgotten Quest" (Although no idea when its coming out as the creator seems to be completely side tracked by his sudden minecraft youtube fame.) You can find the show here:!page=1 by scrolling down a bit and setting all episodes to season 1,2 or 3.
  7. Can someone on ps3 help me on insane mode? I don't have the full insane mode map unlocked, but I would like someone who has finished the insane mode to get to the ice castle level and help me beat the frost king to get the cult minion...
  8. When I try and play Castle Crashers with my friends online it acts very laggy and will bring up the "Waiting for players" before starting again and telling us again. When we start the game we all have green bars but the lag is still there. I've tried the 800x600 resolution trick, I've opened port 27000 to 27015 and nothing seems to work. So I want to know if there is another trick because I would really like to play again.
  9. I haven't seen a topic about adding others as friends for arena and/or story mode. In the last couple months I have been playin CC with my gf only to find that the online arena mode wasn't too competitive let alone getting someone to join your match. About a week and half ago I was so close to the 40 wins and got smashed by "insert name here." I had no idea you could juggle like that when madbestkiller completely destroyed me. I learned to juggle and found myself pretty good and took wins of these top players who I never saw until that day After the tornament is over I expect the majority of players not to be on as often, but I would like to continue playing you guys. Everyone knows the feeling of waiting for someone to join and get someone with 0 games played and pick Beefy. Treasure or Quickdraw... Anyway I wanted to make a list of people who would like to add their gamer tag to this post so that we can continue to play once in a while when some of us are on. TLDR; making a list of people for online arena battles for and after the tournament. - xbox gamer tag xSaviorselfx Xbox 360 list xSaviorselfx True Konquest Reliable Random Shnoggle v3 kptn howdy Fuzziskii slippy5 FlabCaptain Gamefemale
  10. Is it fixed on ps3? Xbox is already good. I tried joining a friend but it didn't work.