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Found 1 result

  1. So the new Dungeons & Dragons Mmo by perfect world is now in open beta. It's a pretty cool game and has a lot of interesting features. The gameplay is very similiar to the diablo gameplay without top-down camera and for an mmo it's quite refreshening. For those that haven't played diablo or tera, it has a limited amount of abilities but the mouse buttons are used for combat and instead of simply selecting a target and casting spells you need to keep your cursor on your target and actually time your abilities, blocks and combat moves. Some of the new "gimmicks" are: -Rolling your stats: you need to roll dice to see what your stats will be. -Extensive customisation: from armor dyes to length of fingernails (really) -All armor shows on character: that includes neclaces, trinkets and rings that aren't shown in other mmo's -Extensive professions: You command your workers what to do/craft etc. -Origins, Background information, Religious Choices and a Full Biography are used in the game -And from what I've gathered, you can design quests for others. Also, according to the press preview the graphical quality of the game should be revolutionary for mmo's but it's turned to down to what is apparently the minimum (but still looks great) for the beta to cope with the constant changes being made and how that affects the servers.