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Found 15 results

  1. hi Many times before ive seen companies release games, you can buy on their store(in this case Steam) on PC and they will only work, if you link your account to Xbox or PS4, is it the same with Castle crashers remastered? Or can i buy the game on steam and actually play on PC. Ive brought this question up because most gameplays of PC show Xbox or PlayStation controlls, so i was unsure to buy the game on steam, since i wanted to play on PC with my friends and i dont own a Xbox nor a Ps4
  2. Hey guys! I have an xbox one and i just love this game, but my friends have a PC and we cant play together! So we want CASTLE CRASHERS to have crossplay, maybe even for ps4 !please BEHEMOTH... IF YOU WANT TOO SHARE THIS IDEA AND REPLY... thanks
  4. yugo657


    So I've been playing the Overwatch beta all day yesterday and today. I'm loving it. Anyone else have the chance to play it? What are your thoughts? Game's out: it's freakin' great!
  5. I play castle crashers often at my friends' house, but I do not have an XBOX or a PS3. I am going to get it for steam, and most people say that the keyboard controls are bad, but how bad are they, and is it worth it to buy a wired XBOX 360 controller for my PC for 10$? can I use the controller for anything else?
  6. Hello, I recently bought battleblock theater, and have played castle crashers on PC. When I started up the game offline, I got the Castle Crashers head. However, when I started the game ONline, I don't have the head in either my steam or BBT inventories! Help, please!
  7. Xbox: FidgetDaNimbat Steam: Fidget the Protagonist Nimbat! Chat with me if you want!
  8. So basically a video of me getting my butt kicked in ball game. Also there might have been a render issue as you can see by the seemingly low quality of the video. Can I still get a like and some subscribers though? :3
  9. I want to extract background musics and found under \GameData\Sounds, all of them are wma files but I can only play a few short SFX in VLC or WMP. Background musics with same wma extension just can't be played in any player I tried or extract using xWMATool in DirectX SDK. Is it a weird/custom codec or modified header?
  10. So the 2x4 sword is in the pc version of castle crashers, yay, (don't know if it was supposed to come with any of the dlc's because I have the ps3 version and live in the netherlands where there is no dlc for ps3 at all, but hey I'm overjoyed) I checked the looks and the stats and it appears to be the much sought after weapon. Well, I'm off to get all weapons in game!
  11. So I had this great idea to make a Doge picture for my profile, and remembered you guys talking about a free version of photoshop called 'Gimp.' So I looked it up and started downloading it and stuff, I'm not sure if I went to the wrong website or something but it came with a wonderful package of about 5 other programs. I have Windows 8 so it took a while to figure out how to uninstall them, all except one. The program is called and every time I attempt to uninstall it my PC asks if I will allow it to make changes on my computer's hard drive. Every time I denied it access and its still there, I have no idea what to do about it or if I should just let it sit there and never make changes, my PC is doing a full system scan now so maybe it will give me a direct option to uninstall, I don't know. The problem is that whenever I right-click the program from Control Panel it gives only the option to 'Uninstall/Change' and all I care about is the uninstall part. If anyone here is a super PC expert I could really use the help, because for now paint is my #1 photoshop program. EDIT: Yep I used BAD IDEA. EDIT #2: I've removed FindWide from Chrome now, but its still on my hard drive.
  12. Hi, is it possible to transfer/share save games between steam accounts? Me and my friend have played a lot of local co-op, and have levelled up and unlocked a lot of stuff doing so, now he's bought his own copy of castle crashers and we're looking for a way to transfer the save file so we can continue playing online. Is this possible?
  13. I have been wanting DC Universe online since it came out in 2011. I did not want to pay a monthly fee to be able to play it though. Recently on IGN I saw a post saying it was free to play. This means that you can go onto the Playstation Network Store or Steam and download the whole game for free. Yes I said it, the whole game. There are no level caps for the free version, it is the legit game. The only differences between paying monthly and free is that the monthly subscription players get trophies and can form a league. The free player do not, but it is still a full MMO game. It really is amazing and is a great game. I think everybody should get it, but it takes forever to download so do it overnight or before you go out.
  14. so I was checking the leaderboards on the new pc release of castle crashers and I was quite surprised by the high amount of experience gotten already, so I thought let's check the top one for how long he/she's played thinking that must have been quite some hours, well 1,4 hours or something :/ "hey, that's strange" turns out said player hasn't even beaten the game on normal mode yet but does have "2000000999 experience"..... now I hope that this is just some bug or something and not a new 256 like most of us remember, but yeah, just wanted to share.