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Found 4 results

  1. Would the Pit People only have DLC from Castle Crashers: Remastered or will the backwards compatibility with the Xbox one somehow help us get DLC from previous titles, also would there be separate DLC for the original Castle Crashers and the Remastered if DLC comes from games through backwards compatibility?
  2. I mean this one guy wanted furbottom for 1600 Microsoft points. (That's 20 dollars!) So do you think that some people are going overboard with wanting star heads?
  3. I was just wondering if there are any italians here. Do you know know about any Italian people here? Se ci sono italiani in questo forum che vengano qui!
  4. Hello fellow Knights and Prisoners!! I don't know about most of you but most of my friends who play Xbox never played CC or heard of BBT. (A sin I know) Anyway this thread was made so that people can exchange Gamertags and chill playing a mode when the beta opens.