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Found 9 results

  1. What is your favorite copy of kirby? ssb/m/b included ^^ Mine is the cutter (dunno why), parasol (luv kirby's fancy shield), animal (looks soo cute :3), tornado (is the most op ability I think there is) and the most awesome looking one is the magic from squeake squad.
  2. Hallo I was just playing a moment ago, and I was hosting my playlist, so I can get more rates and stuff. And almost everytime there were those 'players'. Those annoying traders! And then I thould, we need to name those guys. My suggestions: Trade truckers: because they go everywhere with a bunch of gems for the hope to buy a star head... And my second one: spraders: because they spam with trading. any suggestions?
  3. Hellooo again! Here is a new game I presenting on the forum, called: if someone knows a name say it then This is a game where you don't ask the question, but you begin with the awnser! It is not hard at all! example: This week awnser is: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! What you have to do is come up with a question, or a note or something like that. for this awnser would be a good question: Is that a 'monkey'control prisoner?! I know I know I am not the best at this game but I'll bet you guys are! So go ahead! Give it a try and maybe something hilarious pops out from time to time! Every week from now on I will come up with a awnser, and you guys give a question to it! If you have ideas for an awnser post them! pm me perhaps if you want to keep it a suprise! So for the first time evahr we start with the awnser that I used in the example: no, it's the new tiny little monkey-head prisoner! Good luck
  4. This topic is just all about pizza! I know that there are food topics, but no specific on pizza. So share here your pizza pleasure! Your most epic pizza moments! Your favorite pizza perhaps? This topic is all about the most yummi dish on the planet! Enjoy my fellow dough, cheese and tomato lovers!
  5. Hello everyone! Some of you know me and some of you don't, so here is the chance to know me Today was a big day for me, I passed my finals! and this year I think I am not the only one around here, so if I am talking about you, yes you there, don't be shy and celibrate you glorius feeling with the others! I think we are happy to hear that we, behemoth fellowers, are finaly hatching out of this egg called 'school', what a terrible word... blegh. Anywayss if you are sitting on your chair, leaning back and feel like you are the ruler of the world at the moment, imagine with your dreamy vision skills that you lying in a hangmat (I don't know anymore what it is called, but you will probably know what I talking about) on hawaii, enyoing a nice cocunot milk thingy in your left hand and in your right hand a nice slice of pizza... yes go ahead you! you earned it! So the reason why I started this post is that I want to share not only my feelings with the world, but also those others who wat to! put them in the spotlight for a moment! let them be more happy then they ever could!! Appreciated if you don't did finals, or you are still in school, feel happy for these people and comment something nice for them. You would make the world a better place I hope this post isn't goinf to fade away for some reason, I will sure check this post next year, and next year etc etc... anyway thank you guys for supporting
  6. to skip the intro, press the skip button. or just do nothing... Hello blbblllbl blbl blblllbblbl blblbbllbl blbso that was the intro, now get to the point will ya? -ofcourse! Thank you! -you're welcome! Korby kirby kiiirby, kirby kirby kiiirby! yes, you may guess it: what is this topic about? 3 times only. In this topic we discuss that cool, cute looking pinky which eats alot, in an ideal way , and those 2 combo's brings everytime back the epicness of kirby! discuss here! discuss here volks! We can talk about Kirby; nightmare in dreamland, or; the amazing mirror, or; super star, ultra, or; return to dreamland! even ssb! I like to start, if you don't mind. Kirby always gots me with his/hers cute look face.../body. It always makes you happy! I like kirby because of its eating style, reminds me of myself. its copy-ability is one of the most original thing i've ever experienced in my childhood! those things are just the beginning of this topic about the awesome pinky. King dedede, meta knight and other enemies/allies are allowed to talk about!
  7. Good... evening I guess my friends! today I uploaded a Back-Up playlist of the playlist called: Death Under. This playlist contains 11 levels and I want YOU, to take it to the test! Remember: these are levels in test, not the final product, so if you want to give some feedback that would be great! Name: BU GT: HTTP 405 Error I forgot to mention it: THIS IS MY 100TH POST!! YAY YAAY!! pls rate 5 though it is just a back-up. Tip!: Remember, 9/10 levels in this playlist requires alot of dodge-dy-dodgdy skills! (you say it like: dodgedie dodgedie. I got that from a friend while playing ssbb with ness/lucas' ulty xD)
  8. Hello there again! some people may know me and some do bot, and that's ok. okay, i'll get to the point: I love customizing my iPod (2G) and now I got an android lock system! how epic is that right? pretty cuwl me know. but when I looked into the settings of that tweak I saw that there was a possebility to change the lock apperiance with built-in themes, what came with the download. I love making themes at my own for winterboard and stuff, but I want to go to the next level: customize tweakies With those thoughts I discovered that you can change those dots on the android lock stuff with other... stuff!! So blablabla, what's your point of all this? Good question my friend! I know I know, I suppose I can say that I am a little brighter then you think. Yea I can see that! so you got a new haircut?, it looks grea... oh yea, topic... forgot sorry. where was I? ehm... oh yea, the point! I am asking you guys to come up with 3, yes 3, awesome looking sprites to theme this epic lock system why 3? I'll tell you why: 1: for just the normal looking dot, like a waddle dee just standing, 2: one that is being touched at that moment, like he is... touched, or hurt, like that, 3: one that shows that it is selected, that's where you already touched it and moved over to another, by default it shows green. !!!Requirements!!! Pixel has to contain 2 different sizes: 30x30 pixels and 60x60 pixels. it will be named like: black.png (30x30) and black@x2.png (60x60). that is just one simple requirement right? not that hard I think... Why not doing it myself? good question again! cheez you are on fire today! aw you I make plenty of those but I'll run out of inspiration! so I need you guys to help me with it Why are you guys willing to help me? As reward I will give you the permission to get some chocolate milk (with mini marshmellows!) and let you think: hah, I realy accomplished something today :'). I hope you guys come up with some epic stuff! And I prefer Kirby and BBT!! Because Kirby is awesome to make themes and stuff about and BBT... you know why, else I wouldn't post it here GOOD LUCK!!
  9. Hello everyone there! I made a while ago a new arena playlist called Tree eats you, the reason why i post this topic now is that I just discovered it. For those dummies who don't know how to find my player created playlist let me explain: First of all: when you are in the mainscreen go to xbox live game. Second: you want to host my playlist, so go to host match and select arena: community theater. Third: select search for playlist and type in my name (HTTP 405 Error) or search for Tree eats you and then (suprise suprise) select the playlist. The fourth thing you want to do: Go ahead and relax while you are consuming some pizza so you can enjoy your journey to collect fellowers who can enjoy my playlist too! The fifth and final thing: PLAY! Let your problems be eating away by the tree where you are playing on!! Thanks for reading and playing my playlist! Feedback is appreciated! And remember: Eat pizza and rate 5!! (looks like Dan P doesn't it?)