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Found 2 results

  1. So I think this has been around for a while, but even though it isn't game breaking or anything, just thought I'd post it here. Anyways, there's this glitch where your player in the customization screen (where you pick your prisoner) where the color of your prisoner is not the color of the one you actually control, such as during a Muckle match. Here's an example: I was hosting my arena playlist and some guys started to join. We're still waiting for another player, I that area with Hatty controlling you and such, and all 4 slots are filled. My teammate fiddled with the colors and ended up on red. Some guy on the other team wanted to switch, so I did, assuming the other red dude was his friend. I am now on white team. We all have green lights, appear in lobby, play a couple games, etc. Some guy leaves in the process probably, gets replaced. Moving on, the 4 of us walk into the Gift Shop. I decide to play as another prisoner, so I go to the customization screen, but realize my guy on there is the color of Red, the opposing team, not White, which is my team. When I exit that screen, my prisoner is White again. I'm going to assume this has to do with me switching teams, but like I said, it isn't a big deal. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. Also, when will the arena playlists be featured? Mine still says Fight For Love. I think that's why people can't get the Furbottom head. Oh, and another thing, when will that steam guy and I get the emails?
  2. I'm almost done with my first arena playlist, but before I can finish I need to know whether challenges in a mixed playlist will become solo or co-op. Should I make one for solo play and have it be easier for co-op, or make one for co-op play and have it harder (or not beatable) for solo? Also if I put challenges in my playlist, will the game auto assign the playlist to be co-op and hosts will have to wait for a full room just to start, will it assign solo and the whole playlist can only have two players, or will it allow 2-4 players like any other arena playlist?