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Found 36 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm 8Bitten on these forums, and CMoNeYno23 on XboxLive (That username is courtesy of my brother). I've currently been working on the same adventure playlist for approximately the past 4 Weeks, and I'm really pouring my heart and my soul into it. Instead of simply making a thread for soley my playlist, I had another idea... After scanning the forums for any Topics about "playlists in the works" without success, I wanted to create one to update people on what I was building, and also offer you all a place where you can talk about your own current creative endeavors too. I want this thread to be a place where designers can keep players updated on their designing process and let them know things such as how much of their adventure or arena playlist they've built and what remains to be done. I suggest using the Template post below so you're able to keep your levels in relatively organized and easy-to-updated set-up. Template post(s): All Playlists: -Playlist Name: (If you haven't decided one yet just make one up) -Playlist Type: Arena or Adventure -Pictures: (If you have any) Adventure Playlists: -Adventure Type: Solo or Co-op -Playlist Difficulty: Easy, Average, Advanced, Hard, "Controller out the window" Hard. -Gem Levels Created: 0 to 9 -Timed Levels Created: 0 to 5 -Secret Level Created: 0 to 1 -Story: If I has one, feel free to tell us! -General Level Size: Big, Medium, Small -General Level Feel: Cramped, You have some space, Generally open -Shared Color Scheme: Yes (List a general color pallete) or No -Favorite level so far: (Do you have one?) -Any especially unique traps or level premise: (Feel free to share... Or not, I don't mind) Arena Playlists: -Predominant Arena Type: Capture the Horse, Muckle, King of the Hill... etc. -Arena Levels Created: 0 to 15 -General Level Size: Big, Medium, Small -Arena Feel: Casual, Competitive -Favorite level so far: (Do you have one?) -Any especially unique traps or level premise: (Feel free to share... Or not, I don't mind) I hope this can be a springboard for you all to share your creations! I'll Start: -Playlist Name: The Grimporeum -Playlist type: Adventure -Adventure Type: Solo -Playlist Difficulty: Advanced to Hard -Gem Levels Created: 9 -Timed Levels Created: 5 -Secret Level Created: 1 -Story: Between your extraordinary public appearances as Battleblock's most notable performer, you decide to take a trek through some of the theater grounds that your cat captors didn't have under such privacy-depriving surveillance. You find yourself in an even smaller theater near the rear of the complex, run by a very small, disgruntled and fuzzy grey cat by the name of Grizzletuft Tabbington. His cheap knock-off theater shrank in comparison to Battleblock, as he not only lacked the gigantic main theater that Battleblock had, but also the brilliantly colored and creative set-pieces they used. Not to mention the severe lack of performers! While you walk about the dilapidated stage, Grizzletuft approaches you with a wondrous proposition! If you perform on his slightly smaller scale stage, he'll let you keep the 5 strawberries available in each scene, plus 2 more if you're quick enough! (Heck, I hear Mama Grizzletuft even left some pieces of pie laying around!) You ponder his offer, looking around at the dull grey scenery of the stage, and finally you shake hands... paws..? I don't know... regardless you accept his offer. Grizzletuft is hopeful that with you in the spotlight he finally has a chance at getting some recognition, and you're just happy to be getting something edible other than Battleblock's butt-salad and doo-doo casserole. So prepare yourself for some astounding (albeit smaller scale) performances in Grizzletuft's Grimporeum! -General Level Size: Medium (20x30 and 30x20) -General Level Feel: You have some space -Shared Color Scheme: Yes - Generally monochrome, mostly grey. -Favorite level so far: A Cry for Help -Any especially unique traps or level premise: 1) Sliding across exploding blocks under buzzsaws. 2)Timed slices of pie. 3) The Secret Level has a Raccalope chasing you (consistently too!) the entire time through a multi-leveled maze. 4) Creative uses of the Horse call. Pictures: None currently, sorry! I hope this gives you guys something to look forward to!
  2. Start playing here: What do you get when you cross an adventure-y co-op level and a good old fashion ball game? This playlist! Okay, so that joke wasn't all that good. (Wasn't even a joke, really.) But this adventure competition makes you want to destroy your friend so hard that... Wait, you have to WORK TOGETHER?!?! Yep, you heard it right, in Puzzle Ball you're thrown through mind binding challenges and one descision that you have to make: Work with your friend, or take the prize for your self. Most of these challenging levels won't let you just take the ball and go in for the slam dunk. First, you might need to "Set Up" the match by solving a few puzzles. Oh, and keep a look out for strawberries! They're hidden in a few levels and a fun little present if you happen to do an act of friendship for your enemy. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and and kill your friend... and then help him... and then beat him... or lose- It's up to you! NOTE: About 90% of these levels don't work very well with bots. The "fake blocks" sort of mess with their AI. Here's some gameplay footage of the first level:
  3. (Steam version, copied the post from steam discussion page) So i was just about to upload new playlist when i got this error message: What i already tried, but didnt work: - Restarting Steam - Uploading different playlist (it had no problem uploading that) - Making new playlist with same maps - Tried to upload separately three of those maps in new playlist and three other of those maps in other new playlist. Both playlists had same error... - Reinstaled the game - after than during playlist upload game crashed with error message: "Fatal Error, Audio Loaded, Assets Not Loaded, Init Complete, Movie Not Active, No Session Active" Note: I already have test version of that playlist uploaded with 100% same content (only different playlist name) and re-upload of that works fine. Here is how the playlist level names looks like: I was working on that playlist for few days and i hope to find a fix for this :/
  4. Just this weekend, you guys updated Furbottom's Features during some sort of XBLA maintenance. It's been a few days since then, and Furbottom's Features still hasn't seemed to update yet. Is it because this maintenance is still ongoing or something? It doesn't seem like it is. Is this because of my Xbox?
  5. Welcome friends, foes, and felines, to my arena discussion. You have seen the Hall of Dudes, but have you seen The Hall of Pain? I think not. I am nearly done making my first playlist and arena playlist. This playists hosts favorites such as: Ball Maul, Crush da Brush, and many, many, more. I am looking for tips from some of the all time greats, such as: our Furrbottom Features veteran: 8Bitten, ps3guyguy, our 2014 XBLA Arena Playlist Contest Winner: MeltedCow, our designing overlord MisterrQuentin, and many of our creative level designers. This playlist was made for the arena design contest but alas, I took a vacation. Why rush something that had potential? Thank you and expect this playlist in the near future. Hall of Pain Coming to a (Battleblock) Theater near you.
  6. When I finally finished my Playlist in battleblock theater for the arena play contest I uploaded it and its gone! I came here for instructions to see if I can find it in the community theater but nothing was there I searched my name and playlist name but nothing appeared. you guys can try. My playlist is Epic Arena or Epic arena and my gamertag is ProAM1999
  7. (Made this mainly for steam but i thought i might as well post it here too.) In this topic m going to try and cover as meny things in the level editor as possible, so hopfully you'll learn something whether you're a beginer or experienced, and if there's anything that i missed or if you have any questions feel free to ask away. Simple stuff: How to get featured Where are the gems in the editor? Strawberries are the gems of the level editor and the pies are the yarn. (note: always double check if you have a pie in every level before you upload it because if you forget a pie, people wont be able to get an A++ in you level.) Color coding This is very important if you're trying to get featured, it will make people like me and the behemoth take you levels a lot more seriously at first glance. Examples of color coding. Without color coding: With color coding: Secret levels The secret level is the 15th level in your playlist. You can make it adventure or challenge, just make sure to put down the secret level block in one of your other 14 levels so you can access it. Renaming playlists and levels The only way to do this is make a new level name it what you want then load the level you want to rename and save it over your new level, for playlists you just have to make a new one a then save all your levels into it. How to test your un-uploaded playlist Go to "local game", then go to "the arena" pick "vs" or "co-op" then go to "community theater" and finally go to "playlists i created". if you want to test online with a friend go to "online play" "host player match" etc. (Note: When testing, make sure you can get an A++ every level without dying, So that you know its possible for others.) Advanced stuff: Teleporters If you have more then two active teleporters the exit point will be random, But there are ways to have more then two teleporters in a level, and having only two active at a time. When you have a teleporter blocked you can't exit though that teleporter. Here is a picture of every block that can block teleporters. Signs You might think signs are pretty useless and are only there to make things look nice. Well you're wrong, There are a few things that can't pass though signs and they are "light bridges" "random moving blocks" and "lasers" This is very useful, and what makes this so awesome is you can use the green duck shark sign which is invisible, There's a bunch of different ways to use signs, Here are some examples. (Note: the fliper block has the same properties as signs.) Saws You undoubtingly know how to use a saw, But there are ways to make them quieter, and to make them stationary, Here are some examples. You should experiment with all of these block combinations so you can figure out what works best. Other stuff: TheBehemoth's level designer's blog blog part 1: blog part 2: TheBehemoth's level editor video
  8. Zaplosion v6 by Swirly Kalen is the latest version! Playlist: FInished and uploaded!!!! Special Thanks: fishysock CMoNeYno23 MisterrQuentin D3MONHUNT3R 524 CreeperHD80 Dragonborn2105 TallishMass Venonsnake100 Bluelimiter crazygamer208 BehemothKyle Lindsay_Behemoth Megan And a huge thank you to the rest of the Behemoth team for featuring Hattington Broz!
  9. I finally have finished a playlist! Granted, since it is my first attempt at this I am sure it won't be perfect, but I enjoy playing it so I figure you all may as well! I hope you guys will try it out and give me feedback for the next one I make. The one I uploaded doesn't too much have a story line, and all of the levels are different colors and concepts, but I hope you all like it! Playlist name: Marooned Gamertag: dchh1427 Difficulty: Medium - Advanced I also decided to draw some terrible art for my playlist on paint! :]
  10. ThisIsThOnlyLvl by LordlierAlloy2 (Sorry, no screenshots.) Based upon the Flash games of the same title on Armorgames, it's one room, but with subtle differences in each.
  11. Welcome to the 67934th Arena playlist where you can kill your friends and laugh at their corpse HaHA! well until they respawn... Then do it all over again! Playlist name: Frenemies Creator: MisterrQuentin I heard there's a bunch of people going around beating people up! So get your fighting gear if you're brave enough to venture into this playlist, And be ready to face punch someone at anytime. I hope you enjoy!
  12. Hello everybody! I would like to share a video of GoldenGhost playing my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken"! I asked him to play it and give me feedback and I think he did a great job! I am going to put the video below His name on YouTube is Joybuzzer64, go watch his videos! I would like to thank GoldenGhost aka Joybuzzer64 for taking his time to go play my playlist for me and give me feedback, it helps a lot!
  13. I want to make a playlist using YOUR opinions! Like color choice, color layout design, pathways, obstacles, puzzles, etc. I will take most of your opinions but not use them exactly as is said to not be copying your idea unless you are alright with it. Thanks to anyone that leaves their opinions below!
  14. Get your harpoons cause we're going hunting, for some zombie narwhals of course. Playlist name: Zombie narwhals Creator: MisterrQuentin Sea if you have what it takes in this playlist with a boatload of new ideas! Check out the level names they're ferry punny. So what are you wading around for? hop on the s.s.friendship and go play it today! (Don't forget your scuba gear)
  15. Oh hello there! Oh so fancy! Nah not doing that lol, SO! I released my new playlist which consists of all ballgame! Go ahead and grab a slice of "Caesar Salud"! It consists of some pretty challenging ballgames that all have different techniques, trickshots, map layouts, and each map has it's own special "perk". Go try it with some friends! Or if you're me play by yourself and score on yourself...jk
  16. Hey! I just released "Puzzle Maniac", my third playlist (not counting my first really bad playlist "Adventure PL", please don't play it)! If you think you got the smarts go play it!
  17. My first two actual good adventure levels, plus a nice game of b-ball, were included in my playlist Kat Khaos. I was excited to let the world see my creations. I should have taken the game's warning to save my levels to another playlist. However, I realized that if I wanted to play my levels, I could just look them up in furbottom's features. When I uploaded my playlist, I wanted to go play it immediately. But when I looked up playlists created by MeltedCow(that was the only filter I had on), the game said that there were no results. I tried to do the search again, but that didn't work. I reloaded the game, but that didn't work either. I checked to see if I had actually uploaded the playlist instead of thinking I did, but I couldn't find my playlist, which means I had clearly uploaded it. Remember that this was about a week ago. So the simple wait-for-it-to-load trick isn't working. Any suggestions people? Those were really nice levels, and I would like to have them back. (Side note: I have decided to make a Kat Khaos 2 playlist, which consists of all multiplayer game modes, there are no adventure levels. The original ball map I made has been recreated from memory.)
  18. Hey, I just published my newest playlist... Flamboyant Fest ...and it is all about enemy weaponry and obstacles. It's about how a bunch of fancy cats come to the theater to see the new extravagant theater plays made just for their arrival and you are the star! If you play it have fun! P.S. The level names are in Latin for the most part.
  19. Post below what playlist (solo, coop, or arena) you would want to be see featured next or possibly very soon! After a few people have casted their vote below I will make a thread containing all the ones for everyone to vote for! (It's ok if you pick your own ) I would say (not out of selfishness) my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken" because I spent 4 months creating it, adding every detail I can, adjusting certain obstacles, and replaying many countless times and put good effort into it and would like to see it featured one day
  20. Hey! I thank all of you for giving my ideas and suggestions! After deleting a level I was making (twice) I finally came out with one that satisfies me! So! I would like it if I could have 2 puzzle testers to test my puzzle playlist as I come out with more and more puzzles. (The long period of time part) So far I have created one level for my playlist and would like 2-3 testers for that. Comment below if you would like to test it for me! (I will be watching to see how you and others cope the situation differently and how some parts and easier/more difficult than others and what needs to be adjusted and/or removed) I will be updating this post when I post new levels and when the level itself is 100% good to go! The information for each level states how many players I still need to test it (Will post who tested which level and will give them credit for testing), how complete the level is to being completely built, and stating whether it is ready to be launched when the playlist is launched. Thanks guys! Solo Adventure Playlist: Puzzle Maniac Act 1 Stage 1 Classic: Mad Information: Testers still needed - 0/2, Level completion - 100%, Ready to go - Yes Act 1 Stage 2 Classic: Insane Information: Testers still needed - 0/2, Level completion - 100%, Ready to go - Yes Act 1 Stage 3 Classic: Deranged Information: Testers still needed - 0/2, Level completion - 100%, Ready to go - Yes Act 2 Stage 1 Classic: Demented Information: Testers still needed - 2/2, Level completion - 100%, Ready to go - No Act 2 Stage 2 Classic: Crazed Information: Testers still needed - 2/2, Level completion - 100%, Ready to go - No Act 2 Stage 3 Classic: Act 3 Stage 1 Classic: Act 3 Stage 2 Classic: Act 3 Stage 3 Classic: Finale 1 Challenge: Finale 2 Challenge: Encore 1 Challenge: Encore 2 Challenge: Encore 3 Challenge: Secret Level Classic: Playlist Completion - 35.5%
  21. Hey, I am creating this thread because, well...I need some inspiration. For awhile now everything I make I just don't like it and trash it. I have trashed 3 decent levels because, idk. So I would like some ideas (ideas, not pictures or specific layouts or anything just ideas like what certain blocks to use together, level path layout is fine, stuff like that) from you guys and I will work with them to cope something together to make it work...hopefully. Thanks to anyone that posts! P.S. If you give me an idea and I use it and it works nicely and I like it a lot I will mention your name and thank you! (Especially if it gets featured one day, not aiming for it but just saying.)
  22. Give a lot of details and examples please!!! I would like to see the following in a playlist: nice color combinations cool patterns lots of signs for cautions and directions hidden gems with distinct patterns unique puzzles unique obstacles old obstacles and puzzles with a new twist 3 gems in small levels 5 gems in medium levels 7 gems in large levels Different level sizes smart back tracking levels interesting names for your playlist A unique secret level or maybe even an adventure secret level A fun playlist A challenging playlist not hard More words in playlist levels, like "BOOM" in the level picture Better level names An actual story to go with your playlist with pictures and maybe a video I want people to make fan art for playlists they love I want to see sequels to great playlists but not a part two in the title, example: "Damaged Good", and obviously for a sequel part two would be "Damaged Bad". Less pathways more straight forward maps, nobody likes 6 different paths that you have to try each one to figure out where to start first, put a sign up. Also if your going to make a level where you back track, make sure to put directional signs with switch blocks that uncover a new sign that clearly tells you to go backwards. Most importantly have 5 people test your levels of different ages. Different ages means different skill levels which leads to you tweaking it to be easier. or harder. TWEAK YOUR LEVEL BASED OFF PEOPLE PLAYING ON IT, this will make it so every skill level of every age will have a clear understanding of what to do and if they can do it. This leads to high ratings!! And purposely try to break you level and have others try. No level is perfect so test, test, and test. Don't publish your playlist until your completely satisfied with every level or you'll have regrets. Well that is pretty much it, I hope people can improve there playlists off our suggestions combined. Thanks for participating!!!
  23. Hey I was wondering... If maybe... Possibly... Someone could... Play my coop adventure playlist Mis Adventures which is currently featured and/or my solo adventure playlist Road Not Taken and record themselves playing it with commentary (and facecam optional) No one has to, it's okay, I just want to get a feel of how other people would play one's playlist and the creator seeing how it is and get a feel of what's good what's bad and what needs changes in the future. So if someone could record themselves playing one or both of my playlist with commentary and facecam optional I would be so thankful and totally in your gratitude, thanks
  24. Hello, I would like to introduce my newest playlist...Road Not Taken! Title: Road Not Taken By: ps3guyguy Difficulty: Advanced Description: As you are released to your 5 minute break from stage playing you find an area just behind the theater where you find a path that splits into two. The path to the left leads to a boat that you imagine yourself sailing off to freedom in and another path to the right which leads downward into the depths of the theater. For some unknown reason you take the right path and descend into the dark, unforgiving part of the abandoned theater... Please support my levels by rating my levels what you think they are worth I would also like to thanks 8Bitten (GT: CMoNeYno23) and Undead Ninya (GT: Undead Ninya) for play-testing my levels for me and giving me back feedback A personal thanks to you guys! And thank you to everyone else out there for reading this and play my new playlist!
  25. Hello, this is my new solo story/adventure playlist I've been working on very (very) slowly since round about the game was released back in April. It consists of the standard story format, 9 adventure, 2 finales, and 3 encores along with a secret bonus level hidden in level 6...or is it? I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by playing it. There isn't really a set difficulty for this playlist, some of them are easy while are few are challenging. The A+ times were made by playing the level through and recording my time, so to get all the strawberries you'll have to beat my best. The playlist name and my gamertag are below. Playlist Name: Cat Chaos My Gamertag: Toby 5125 Playlist Type: Solo Story Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my playlist.