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Found 2 results

  1. Have already beat the game on normal mode and now I'm stuck on the Forest Entrance level on insane mode on Nintendo switch, hoping someone can help me beat it. Add me if you think you could help, my gamer tag is Mooncake:3
  2. Before I begin, I'm just going to say that this has been going on for a year now, and I've kind of had it. Also, I had no idea where to put this, the off-topic arena just fit the most. And two other things, I have an XBOX 360, NOT an XBOX ONE. I also have a 250 GB that I got five or six years ago. XBOX Live is broken. Which means I can't: Chat, play, communicate, or even view my friends via XBOX Live. Download or/and buy any games/demos/apps. Play online multiplayer. Play games that require XBOX Live. Buy/download add-ons. So in other words, I can only play games/add-ons that I have already downloaded, or buy them on a disc. ^That's my biggest frustration^ The second biggest is no multiplayer. Third biggest is I downloaded the demo for CC/BBT before XBOX Live went down. When I actually wanted to buy them XBOX Live went down. Why? December 11, 2013. A new update was released. I downloaded this update, excited to see what was new. I got some sort of message: Error Could not download this update If the problem continues, please go *some sort of support website* Error code - *forgot the error code, I'll add it later* So I just ignored and checked who was online... Thing is I can't connect to XBOX Live until I download this update. I was ticked, so we called xbox support, and after getting past all the automated messages we finally got a person on the phone. He sent us to about 3 other people, until we got this guy named X. (Probably shouldn't reveal his name...) He made us to a lot of pointless crap, and in the end the situation was worse. He told us to delete our main account, which has all of our families stuff on it, and is the only XBOX Live gold account we have. He said we could download it again once the problem is fixed, and I knew you could too, so I did this. After that, it turns out he had no idea how to fix it. So that account was gone until we get this thing solved. I got this brilliant idea to buy a new 4 GB, (It was cheap, because XBOX ONE recently came out.) and just slide our current hard drive into this new 4 Gig console. The guy confirmed that this would work. We also got other problems, but they've already been solved, so I don't think I should mention them. We bought the new console, and tried this out. It didn't work. I couldn't download the update. So I tricked out the system, and downloaded the update without the hard drive inside, then put in the hard drive, and it seemed to work, but it was EXTREMELY laggy. So we returned that XBOX and are stuck with this. We've come to a conclusion that there's something wrong with the hard drive. Any ideas?