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Found 5 results

  1. has anyone heard or seen any information about a port or bundle or anything to release The Behemoth games on ps4 and/or ps vita? I played castle crashers. loved it, heard about BBT relatively recently, and it seemed mega amazing, and with the track record of The Behemoth, I thought there'd be something available for playstation users to gawk at and haphazardly wait for. does anyone know if that's just going to be a dream? or is it really going to happen (hopefully soon)?
  2. PSN America/Canada/Latin America – October 1 Today, we are releasing two DLC packs for Castle Crashers on PlayStation Network in America and Canada. PSN users in these regions can now download the Can’t Stop Crying Pack and The Legend of the Blacksmith Pack for $1.99 for each content pack. Castle Crashers fans on PSN can now play with the Hatty Hattington character from BattleBlock Theater and the Blacksmith, a.k.a. Purple Knight. You may recognize the Can’t Stop Crying Pack from when it was first released on Xbox LIVE with BattleBlock Theater. Please keep in mind that on Xbox the DLC is unlocked if you have both Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater, but on PSN the DLC is priced at $1.99 USD because BBT is not available on PSN. Also available today are the PSN Latin America updates. Castle Crashers Full Game + Pink Knight, Can’t Stop Crying Pack, The Legend of the Blacksmith Pack will release for the first time in Argentina and Chile. Pink Knight, Can’t Stop Crying Pack, The Legend of the Blacksmith Pack will release in Brazil. Now our fans in PSN Latin America can get their lollipops and rainbows on!
  3. Yes, it’s time to shock you and make your eyes bulge out over our big news! This week, we’re adding two more sales to the month of August for Castle Crashers on PlayStation 3. Now, PSN America users will have the chance to get this action packed game for 50% off the original price! And starting August 8th, our fans in Japan will be able to purchase the full version of the game for just 750yen! 安いでしょう? So here’s the full list of sales you’ll find on PlayStation Network around the world: July 31 thru August 14 – Summer Festival PSN Europe/UK/Germany/Australia 50% Off and PS+ Users get an additional 10% Off! August 6 thru August 20 PSN America 50% Off, so about $7.49 for the full game with hours of adventure! August 8 thru August 19 PSN Japan 50% Off, which is 750 JPY. やった! So, what are you waiting for? Show us what your knights are made of!
  4. The rubber handle sword does indeed exist in the ps3 version of the game. The guy who gave it to me had said that he obtained the sword by reaching level 30 with anyone within the 1st week of the game's release (remember, this is ps3) It is the real sword, as the notification for getting a new sword appeared when I got the sword. And the sword is 2 spots to the right of the key, so he does in fact have it. I don't want to get him spammed, so I'll keep him anonymous. The stats on the sword are +2 strength, -2 magic, and +3 speed. Post 17 has the pictures. As of now, you can only request for the sword if you have 5 gold skulls or more. AND you can NOT trade it to others. As of now, there are 5 known copies of this sword in the psn castle crashers universe. All have been informed not to trade the sword.
  5. Can someone help me get the arena trophy for psn castle crashers? I need 39. If you help me, I'll help you. Since Arena is dead, might as well ask here. Psn: yourname101. I CANNOT host, you must be able to. Sorry about that...