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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Jabberwock Island! This is the hottest spot for Danganronpa discussion. Grab a cool drink and a cozy spot on the beach, and tell us about your favorite characters, chapters, story moments, music, secrets, and game in the series. Feel free to talk about your hopes for Danganronpa 3 or the upcoming anime as well, or anything you would've changed about the games that are already out. There is only one rule on this island: 1. RESPECT HIYOKO 1. Please put ANY story or character spoilers, no matter how mild they may seem, in a spoiler tag! I will be very strict about enforcing this, so please be courteous of others. I'd hate to have to deal out any punishments. If you haven't played these games to completion then feel free to join us on the beach to ask questions and engage in discussion, but proceed with caution! There is a good chance this discussion will contain story spoilers for these games, but I will do my best to enforce the use of spoiler tags. Enjoy your stay! Here's some music to start us off: