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Found 1 result

  1. so i figured out that you get a special head for beating furbottoms features and if you own the other behemoth games your get a castle crashers helmet and/or the alien hominid head. if you know how to get any other secret heads list them here, just dont post pictures of them unless they are in a spoiler. some secret heads i know are in the game and possible heads: Hatty: im pretty sure you get him if you beat the game hatty with hat: insane mode? cat guard: all the cat guards you see in levels are probably unlockables that you can earn considering they are laid out in the same body as the prisoner wierd bird thing/shark: its possible rackalope: maybe a cute little version of it? stamper: this would just be bad *** horse: i dont even know other castle crashers heads: who knows? there could be more minecraft head: even though I dont like the game that much it would still be cool and make sense since the behemoth did collaborations for minecraft skins for 360. and im too lazy to think of anything else so im going to continue playing BBT