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Found 2 results

  1. So does anyone here use blender?I just started using it and I have been learning how to use it.Personally I get my blender tips, tricks, and help form this guy. I think this website is really great for learning and can be used with beginners and professionals, which makes it awesome for me.I know if I devote myself with this I can still use it if I be serious about it and make a career out of it. Link here: I reccomend getting the 32 bit USA installer because unless your computer won├Ęt handle it and might crash.Share your thoughts I really want to see if any behemoth staff have seen this or come across it before.Also I made a cool (amateur) dinosaur with this interface. P.S No this is not a mechanical blender in which you can make smoothies.
  2. Since we already have a 'Share your Desktop!' thread, I thought it would be fun to go one step further than that and create a 'Share your Desk/ Workspace!' thread To start with, here's mine! The first thing you might notice is my terribly outdated DELL keyboard and mouse. They're not brilliant to use, but they're still working and so I refuse to replace them. The second is that this desk looks a little old, and cheap. This is because I didn't feel like bringing my own desk from home to University with me (this one was left behind by the previous tenants). It saved on space during the trip over here, anyways! The only thing is that I end up having to shift the keyboard and mouse off of the desk if I want the space to get any sketching done So, do any of you guys have an interesting desk you feel like showing off? Any comments on this one? Share them here!