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Found 4 results

  1. TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO CATCH UP ON THE BACK LOG OF ORDERS AND LOSS OF DATA. I DO NOT ACCEPT PRE-ORDERS, SO IF YOU POST ONE, I'LL GIVE YOU A LITTLE REMINDER SAYING SO. [DISCLAIMER] This shop is aimed towards collectors, so the prices reflect that. I apologize to anyone who believes these prices are too steep (They're actually quite cheap to collectors in general), but they cannot and will not be changed. Also, I am not liable for any reprecussions from breaking the rules even if you didn't read them. That is your liability. Please keep it clean here, as I suspect a wide variety of age groups will see this! :3 WELCOME! TO BATTLEBLOCK THEATER! This is the loud welcoming you recieve when you first attend the great establishment, and if you were anything like me, you looked through everything you could as soon as possible. What might've you noticed? The star heads of course! As soon as I learned what the Star Heads really were, I wanted them ALL, and since then have gotten them all, but along the way I struggled, be it from scammers, jerks, or annoying friends, and I was very irritating missing just a handful of heads. That is why I am here today! I've had 5 backup accounts with every star head, but now, I'm gonna empty those out! I SELL STAR HEADS. CHEAP! (But not yet. I need to build up some hype before I open, of course! I will open on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6TH [This Wednesday] at 12:00 PST!) 100 gems or 20 yarn for 1 head. Fairly cheap, right? The way this works is that in the comments below, you will post the name of the head you want in the comments below with your XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG and TIME ZONE. I will thus trade you the head you want as long as everything follows the following rules: [RULES] (Important to read, but boring enough to skip anyway. You're liable to follow them either way!) [HEADS] [ORDER FORM] [CURRENT ORDERS] [COMPLETED ORDERS] Thanks to everyone who comes out here! Thanks for reading this lengthy post, and happy collecting!
  2. So a minute ago I was playing with some random people on muckle when we all decided to go to the gift shop. One person on the other team bought prisoner after prisoner until there were none left and the screen was full of prisoners eager to escape, pushing and shoving through the exits. Afterward he went to the trading station and gave his friend a ton of gems, so of course he went and freed prisoner upon prisoner. After getting jelly of their prisoner-freeing abilities and left. So what I want to know is: Was he just very dedicated to BattleBlock Theater, or was he a hacking parasite sucking the lifeblood from the Battleblock Theater community?
  3. I often find a lot of people on xbox 360 Battleblock Theater getting scammed, I have not been scammed yet, so I have tested some strategies I made to prevent scamming. The first thing you and other players will notice is a big deal, the starheads. Remember not to do a trade that is over 100 gems, that can easily scam somebody, instead, try to trade 100 gems or under. Another idea is to listen to how desperate the other players are for a certain trade, the more desperate they are, the better chance a fair trade can be made. If you have any ideas, please tell me. I use my formula to prevent scammers. It is called the DTF, also known to me as the Defensive Trade Formula. Formula: Item value is a scale of how much you value and item 0 through 100. Desperateness is how much you want an item 0 through 100. Fair trade % = 80% value of other item + desperateness * 0.50 + value of your item divided by 10. Example: value of item is 60. 80% of 60 is 48. I want an item for 100 desperateness. 48 + 100 = 148. 148 * 0.50= 74. My item value is 80. 80 divided by 10 = 8. 74 + 8 = 82% fair trade. Example 2: value is 100. 80% of 100 is 80. I want an item for 100 desperateness. 80 + 100 = 180. 180* 0.5 = 90. My item value is 100. 100 divided by 10 = 10. 90 + 10 = 100% fair trade.
  4. I've bought all the weapons, as I'm sure a lot of people have, and I've just been hoarding all my yarn since. On occasion, I can find someone who'll take my yarn in exchange for a few gems, but that's all I've been able to do with it other than mount it all up. Maybe in future there could be a few more weapons to buy, or some heads that can only be ought with yarn or something. It's just kind of annoying when I have to bother collecting it for A++ when I can't actually spend it on anything.