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Found 1 result

  1. The Bank of Sidekick is now open. You can invest any amount of gems that you want in the Bank of Sidekick, and your investment could possibly return a 5%, 10%, or even as high as 100% return depending on your investment*! SIGN UP BELOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH ONE OF OUR SPECIALISTS! An account number will be determined based on your level of vestment within our company and time that you signed up. High level investors will get a 6 character account number, mid-level will get a 4 character account number, and poverty level will get a 2 character account number. INVEST TODAY FOR YOUR CHANCES OF INCREASING YOUR GEMS!!!! Reply back to this topic if you would like to be considered for an account or to be a funds broker. Terms and conditions listed below. *Furbottom's Financial and Investments Act requires me to explain that creating an investment does not guarantee an increase in your financial portfolio. You may experience a negative growth in your account depending on the current market trends and funds available. Startup is a minimum of 100 gems with an initial 5% surcharge per investment, meaning 95 gems will go towards your investment for any 100 gems that you invest at any given time. Any time that you see me or your personal broker online at a later date you can feel free to make a withdrawal and discover what your return has yielded. Any funds left untouched after 3 months will be automatically forfeited by the participant. Level of investment will be determined by total investment within the bank. 5-500 will qualify for poverty level account. 505-2,500 will qualify for mid-level account. 2,505-50,000 will qualify for a high level account. Level of investment does not guarantee investment percentage, it is only for status and bragging rights. The opportunity to go between account levels is possible by making withdrawals or later investments. The Bank of Sidekick (BS) is not backed by any Federal or Local protection and is not, in fact, any kind of a real bank or actual entity with protection for your rights or the rights of your prisoners or gems. Investing any gems is at pure risk to the individual and BS does not take any responsibility for any lost gems. There is a chance that you will get your gems back with little or no growth, and also likely that you will lose some or all gems that are invested. If you have read this far then you have figured out that this is a shady company at best, however, at times our brokers are generous and give back more gems than were ever invested. Pin codes will not be provided due to security risks and things that I'm making up. Your account number will be needed, however, for any withdrawal. More terms may be added with, or without, advanced notice to any account holders. Please review the terms of this contract in its entirety before choosing to make any investment. If there is an update to the terms they may or may not be expressed in these terms but vocalized between owners and brokers and will therefore stand as law from that moment forward.