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Found 1 result

  1. So I was browsing through the Highest Rated Weekly playlists in the community theater, and saw a playlist that had 260+ decent ratings/plays (whatever the number under the stars mean). It was called Battle Brawl. Played the first level, and all it is is a room. Muckle mode. 9 levels total in the playlist. I figured the other levels were like the first one. But how did it uproar so quickly if it was just a room that the noobiest of noobs could make? Only thing special about it was a checkered pattern in the blocks. Other than that, it was empty. Plain room. Nothing else to spice it up. This angers me. I spent months making 2 playlists and released them on the same day, and to this very day, they have less than fifteen likes COMBINED. What. The. Heck? But, putting fury aside, I decided to make one like that simple playlist, and call it Simply Muckle. Probably a placeholder name, but the playlist is going to be plain anyways. The first level is called Ice Ice Koen, named after the icy floors and a moderator here as well. Next level will have gumblocks and might be called something related to SushiGummy. Anyways, the goal is to make playlists that have one room or something, but with gum or ice or Ferdinand's or something. Thoughts?