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Found 4 results

  1. BehemothChicken

    Lizard Squad...

    hur dur
  2. I am trying to get the gold trophy so I got to the last chapter and I cant beat the last chapter. It makes me so mad and I need tips on how to beat the last chapter on insane. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  3. Cause he so tiny so you can crouch behind the bushes and put up when someone comes by and face grenade them to china. Can't he be moved to front so he's in front of the bushes rather than behind them?
  4. Title pretty much explains it. If you could be anyone, anyone at all for a single day, who would you be and why? This is not limited to rationality/reality/the law/whatever. Random example: I would be Ryu Hayabusa. Why? Because he's the most badass ninja ever and don't take none.