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Found 1 result

  1. You all probably know what a meme is. It's a stupid image/drawing with some weird font saying a simple phrase, a phrase that could make us laugh, or vomit in disgust. Well, thanks to, we can create our own memes in seconds. So, that gave me an idea for a game. MAKE A MEME! The idea is simple. Create a meme via memegenerator, then post it here with the title. (Optional) You can post as many memes as you'd like. After that, browse and see what your other behemothers are creating, and if you like a meme, leave a like. Each like counts as a "point". The meme with the most amount of points will be displayed here. Rules: 1. Only like a post if you like the meme, not just because you want to be nice. 2. Feel free to like posts that do not have a meme included, these (obviously) do not count to the top meme. 3. My meme is only for fun, but if you like it let me know. (It probably sucks though.) Top Meme: ? Title: ? Picture: ? My meme: SICK BURN! Picture: