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Found 13 results

  1. I have very few star heads. I got the game during the cyber monday deal, and therefore have missed most of them. I was hoping to widen my collection by trading with some of you who have extras. I currently have the following: Scuba Steve x 6 FBI x 6 Santa x 6 King x 5 Monster x 5 Castle Crashers x2 1453 gems 371 Yarn I am sure the gem amount will gradually go up since I play often enough. These are also the ONLY star heads I have, so I need every other one. Message me on here or Xbox Live if you have any and would like to trade. I more or less trust this guide as well for prices. GT: dchh1427 Thank you!!!
  2. What do you guys think?I mean, I know or at least think that most of us think the valentines star head will be a heart.Though, do you think it will be a cartoony heart or an organ shaped heart (possibly with blood gushing out).So give me your thoughts and if you think it will be a heart which kind will it be?You decide! (Not really)
  3. Do you guys/ladies (Probably mostly guys)think we will get a new star head today or will it be a re-release?I mean I know people want star heads they missed out on,but we could release all the star heads and then re-release the other ones.I know there could be several reasons for not doing this.Some people would rage and not play without realizing they are re-releasing the star heads,they want the final five to be suspenseful or they like to troll.Give your opinion on what will happen and what you think the new star head will be if a new star head will be released.
  4. So, just a quick question. I've noticed in multiple threads now that people are stating that they have multiple copies of Star heads for trade. HOW IS THIS ACHIEVED? The easiest explanation for me is that someone could have multiple Live accounts and then just sign in on them to transfer a head when needed, but with some of the number people are posting, I'm wondering if you can somehow stack multiple copies of the same head with the same account, or if some of the special unlocks can be unlocked multiple times. For example, I have Alien Hominid on the Xbox and the corresponding head has been unlocked for me. If I trade the Alien head away, will I be awarded a new one if I restart BBT or is it gone for good? Ditto for a head unlocked by completing a feature. Cheers to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this.
  5. Called the nose! That means the other ones are coming then.
  6. Make a guess at a star head that may be released. (Most likely, none will happen, but...) (I guess this goes in the forum games section, and if there's a dupe, this should be locked but, for the time being...) What do you think would be released? Personally, knowing all these random things be released, I wouldn't be surprised if we actually got a light bulb, (unless its there already), a pillow, or something really random. (Like a bag of trash or a troll face)
  7. This game has (de)evolved into the current state of TF2: few people care about the game, everyone else cares about hats/star heads.
  8. Seriously, why is there no love for him??? He is the best head ever!
  9. How many fat kids will there be? Btw, who already knew that fat kid would eventually be released? (Alien hominid first, castle crashers second [could the king show up soon?], battleblock theater third [hatty?]) Will they release Dan, Tom, a few cats (maybe through an update, a section of cat heads), big chin, and a few others?
  10. My GamerTag is: Fleakid01 I Currently Have: Alien Homind CCKinght Moose 25%off 50%off Dougnuts Manbirth Wheels Steamroll Victum #1 4th of July SIREN Duckshark Blocketeer Boot I Need: Rose Behemoth Chicken Furrbottom Winstin Toast LavaLamp Catcontrol TinyMonkey Gerard If you have any Offers Please Tell me right Away I'll give 600-1500 Gems for 1
  11. Hello, fellow citizens of the BBT community! You may have not noticed yet, but Behemoth has announced this week's new heads! Here's the post if you missed it. But, although i'm sure my previous thoughts were correct, I do have a question about the... THE AMAZING FANTASTIC DUCK/SHARK/THING HEAD! *Ahem* Anyway, the post said this would be released on the 17th, on the "unofficial first night" of the San Diego Comic Con. I, myself, have no idea when that is for starters. But, what I really want to ask, is how will this head work? Will we have to come on BBT at a certain time and receive it as an exclusive head? Or will it be available until the end of the week? It's not a big deal anything, but i'm just curious.
  12. So I was playing BBT tonight and I entered the gift shop and a random guy had a fish starhead, it's in the picture below. He traded it to me, is it unique or I just missed a Furbottom's Feauture?
  13. So I was playing BBT tonight and I entered the gift shop and a random guy had a fish starhead, it's in the picture below. He traded it to me, is it unique or I just missed a Furbottom's Feauture?