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Found 1 result

  1. Last Friday, April 3, 2015, marked our 2nd anniversary for BattleBlock Theater (BBT)! Our puzzle platformer started on XBLA and is now available for Windows & Linux via Steam. Here was our first launch trailer when it released in 2013: Since then, we've grown our numbers to over 4 million players of BattleBlock Theater! Thank you so much to all of the players for supporting us by purchasing a copy of the game and to all the fans who dedicated time to create levels, fan art, costumes, etc. It made all those years of development worth it. Happy 2nd birthday to our game baby! Now, we'd love to hear who your favorite BBT star prisoner character is and why. We've already released all of our special unlocks--all of Hatty's friends. (And we're still re-releasing them each week because we keep acquiring new players!) But just in case you need to remember their names, here is our Battlepedia of special prisoners. We'll randomly choose 5 winners from the entries and send them a Hatty tissue box cover (currently expo exclusive). The sweepstakes can be found HERE. Owning a Facebook account isn't necessary, but you will need a valid email address and be sure to include your favorite STAR PRISONER & REASON. <3 Thanks again you lovely chickens.