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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome! to the Battleblock Theater One Block Challenge This is the Ultimate Battleblock challenge, this challenge will push you to your max and probably drive you insane and down right nuts, but i believe that we can achieve this challenge and make the impossible possible, what can you say are you up for this challenge? If yes, continue to read below... Requirements: A copy of the game A chean gamesave A lot of time Experience Luck How to reset: 1. turn off steamcloud via Steam-> Settings-> Cloud 2. quit steam and delete ur playerstats here: Program Files/Steam/userdata/"your steamid"/238460 3. start Steam and then start BBT 4. quit BBT, turn your Cloud back on and then start BBT again 5. Steam should now ask you if you would like to upload your local data Note: PLEASE make a backup file [Copy & Paste] Challenge Rules: You MUST start at the very beginning of the game [intro] You MUST play from beginning to end without quitting the game [one complete playthrough] You MUST watch all Cutscenes and credits You MUST restart your whole game if you die You MUST collect all gems, yarn, etc. [100% Complete] You CAN'T use any of your weapons You CAN'T pause in the middle of a level You CAN suicide outside of a level You CAN pause outside of a level You CAN'T take a break in he middle of a level [leaving your computer/console] You CAN take a break outside of a level [basic human needs] You CAN'T change your look [breaks immersion] Note: Any rules broken, you MUST restart your whole game! Good Luck! Change Log: 11/27/2014 12:22 PM - Added a note to the challenge rule's 11/27/2014 12:23 PM - Update the steps on resetting your game
  2. I traded the Apple head for either the toothbrush or the buckle your pants which one of them were a good idea or was keeping the Bobbins head better?
  3. Welcome friends, foes, and felines, to my arena discussion. You have seen the Hall of Dudes, but have you seen The Hall of Pain? I think not. I am nearly done making my first playlist and arena playlist. This playists hosts favorites such as: Ball Maul, Crush da Brush, and many, many, more. I am looking for tips from some of the all time greats, such as: our Furrbottom Features veteran: 8Bitten, ps3guyguy, our 2014 XBLA Arena Playlist Contest Winner: MeltedCow, our designing overlord MisterrQuentin, and many of our creative level designers. This playlist was made for the arena design contest but alas, I took a vacation. Why rush something that had potential? Thank you and expect this playlist in the near future. Hall of Pain Coming to a (Battleblock) Theater near you.
  4. Hi guys! I recently started doing weekly uploads for my channel, and a thing I'm starting to do is review some games! Last week, I reviewed BattleBlock Theater. It was my first ever review, so I'm going to improve even past this point, I know it. Anyways, here it is! Next review is gonna be Spelunky HD. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, I know you guys probably don't need a review by now, but it would be cool if you checked it out if you want.)
  5. So I was wondering I already own Battle Block Theater and if I bought Castle crashers would i still get the head? I just think it looks cool and I already wanted castle crashers. Please Respond if you know the answer or someone who would.
  6. Hey, i'm Jules and i love to draw Prisoners I hope you like them! Feel free to leave feedback and requests in this Thread I drew all of them myself so feel free to use them! If you want to use them, download the png of the head (it only looks squished on the picture) and paste it into this directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\BattleBlock Theater\GameData\UserFaces Enjoy! Prisoner 1: Guy with headphones Prisoner 2: Rugby-Player Prisoner 3: Kirito from Sword Art Online Prisoner 4: Invader Zim Prisoner 5: Gir from Invader Zim Prisoner 6: Wizard from Magicka
  7. What is your funniest moment in battleblock? For me: I was playing on one of dentrolees basketball stages and there was the monster in it. You know, the raccoon with horns kinda thing? Anyways, the monster was in a pit. I was playing against an AI because I don't have gold right now. You see, AI have the instinct to follow the ball wherever it goes. And the ball fell in the pit with the monster. I, standing on top of the pit, saw the AI fall into the pit and watched the little ball icons bounce around. Then, I heard the sound of the monster drooling and breathing and such. Moments later, you hear that groaning noise (whenever someone is eaten) and the ball flies up from the pit in my hands. I wish there was a different type of theater mode where you could watch previous games, because I would never stop laughing if I was to see that again.
  8. Hey everybody! Back with another poll now with weapons! Vote for your favorite battleblock theater weapons
  9. Hello there my fellow Battleblock Theaterians! I would like to announce that I will be giving out badges to players that earn them! (These badges will be posted to the person on this topic and to their profile with the respected badge they have earned) P.S. Some badges will be easier than others to achieve. Have fun badge hunting! Give up to 24 hours for your badge to be rewarded, thank you. Badge Playlist 1 1) Starter Badge Beat the game solo or coop on normal including encores. 2) Insane Badge Beat the game solo or coop on insane including encores. 3) Head-Hunter Badge Collect every square, circle, triangle, and cylinder head through purchase or trading. 4) Weaponry Badge Collect every weapon through purchase or trading. 5) Gem Badge Collect 1000 gems. 6) Greedy Badge Collect 5000 gems. 7) Star Badge Collect 16 of the star heads. 8) Furbottom Badge Be featured on Furbottom's Features. 9) Can You Keep A Secret Badge Find all secret levels in all the chapters. 10) Diva Badge Get an A++ on all the solo or coop levels on normal including encores. 11) Show-Off Badge Get an A++ on all the solo or coop levels on insane including encores. 12) Yarn Ball Badge Collect 72 yarn. 13) Cat Person Badge Collect 140 yarn. 14) Unnecessary Badge Saving a friend and you find the motherload! 15) Hatty Hattington Badge Collect 10000 gems, 1000 yarn, beat the game solo and coop insane mode getting an A++ on all levels insane mode including encores for solo and coop. 16) Creator Badge Publish a playlist of any kind. 17) Badge-Hunter Badge Collect the first 16 badges before this to earn this badge. Badge Playlist 2 18) Battleblock Theater Star Collect all the current start heads that are released at the moment. 19) Ps3guyguy's Badge Beat my coop playlist that was featured before, Mis Adventures. 20) Eyes Badge Wear the head you get when you had to beat the solo or coop playlist when my coop playlist was featured. I will come up with more badges over time and I will take suggestions from you guys, just message me If you have any suggestions for badge types message me them and I will consider them when adding more badges, thank you!