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Found 6 results

  1. I'm just gonna say I love Castle Crashers, played it for so many hours on Xbox 360 and 35 hours on Steam. I'm saying this because its gonna sound like I hate The Behemoth and Castle Crashers. So I'm going back playing The Behemoth games and just getting achievements as I go by, but this mode can nibble a banana it has to be one of the most frustrating achievements (The Final Countdown) to get. Not only can you not choose the map you are playing, which means you can't learn a certain pattern or simply get to know the map a little better, if you want to a map which is actually decent and not the smallest map in the world (looking at you stupid castle map) then you have to die....die...die to go through the rotation. Which takes forever due to the tutorial in the first 5 seconds displaying what you should do over and over again. It's ridiculous. Such a fast paced game mode comes to a grinding halt when you start over again with the tutorial showing its smug face as you do your best not to break anything, look at Super Meat boy, as soon as you die you instantly respawn to try again. I get that it was probably put there to make you calm/slow down after the intense speed at which the game was at but the music already does that and if people need a break they will just pause it or quit the game. At 1:45, the soil hits the fan/ the fit hits the shan/ the ship hits the fan/ the excrement hits the air conditioning, where the speed ramps up all of a sudden and the techniques you used previously don't work. To save yourself you can duck underneath them when they are in the air but with speed that it ramps up to there is no point to this technique as you never have quick enough reaction times to pull it off. Tried it coop only hit the 2 minute mark, I actually got longer solo. The AI just gangs up on one person anyway like its solo so you might as well play solo (if you are getting the achievement). Coop also why does the timer mean death for the person who is still alive why not just a perma-death for the one who is dead. And I'm gonna stop at the potion randomness poppycock. So any tips for beating it? I can see it being a fun party type game mode but.....not for the achievement. TL,DR: uuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh
  2. (Made this mainly for steam but i thought i might as well post it here too.) In this topic m going to try and cover as meny things in the level editor as possible, so hopfully you'll learn something whether you're a beginer or experienced, and if there's anything that i missed or if you have any questions feel free to ask away. Simple stuff: How to get featured Where are the gems in the editor? Strawberries are the gems of the level editor and the pies are the yarn. (note: always double check if you have a pie in every level before you upload it because if you forget a pie, people wont be able to get an A++ in you level.) Color coding This is very important if you're trying to get featured, it will make people like me and the behemoth take you levels a lot more seriously at first glance. Examples of color coding. Without color coding: With color coding: Secret levels The secret level is the 15th level in your playlist. You can make it adventure or challenge, just make sure to put down the secret level block in one of your other 14 levels so you can access it. Renaming playlists and levels The only way to do this is make a new level name it what you want then load the level you want to rename and save it over your new level, for playlists you just have to make a new one a then save all your levels into it. How to test your un-uploaded playlist Go to "local game", then go to "the arena" pick "vs" or "co-op" then go to "community theater" and finally go to "playlists i created". if you want to test online with a friend go to "online play" "host player match" etc. (Note: When testing, make sure you can get an A++ every level without dying, So that you know its possible for others.) Advanced stuff: Teleporters If you have more then two active teleporters the exit point will be random, But there are ways to have more then two teleporters in a level, and having only two active at a time. When you have a teleporter blocked you can't exit though that teleporter. Here is a picture of every block that can block teleporters. Signs You might think signs are pretty useless and are only there to make things look nice. Well you're wrong, There are a few things that can't pass though signs and they are "light bridges" "random moving blocks" and "lasers" This is very useful, and what makes this so awesome is you can use the green duck shark sign which is invisible, There's a bunch of different ways to use signs, Here are some examples. (Note: the fliper block has the same properties as signs.) Saws You undoubtingly know how to use a saw, But there are ways to make them quieter, and to make them stationary, Here are some examples. You should experiment with all of these block combinations so you can figure out what works best. Other stuff: TheBehemoth's level designer's blog blog part 1: blog part 2: TheBehemoth's level editor video
  3. So I'm creating a playlist called Tis CoOptional. I made 6 levels so far, the first half KOTH and the second half muckle. I am planning to do Gold Grab, Soul Snatcher, and Horse next. The only problem is that I'm running out of ideas. Quickly. So, I'm turning to the community for help - preferably to the ones who have created pretty good Arena playlists. Especially Mr. Quentinn, because of Frenemies. The tips I need are the ones that will help me add a more Co-Optional experience. I added some signs in the first 6(along with co-optional features) levels. There would be a sign that says to help the guy up. And, of course, next to that one would be a skull sign and some other signs that tell you to hit X and shove them off the cliff. So, any ideas? I feel like I'm gonna need them....
  4. Hey guys I would love some information on how to get higher on the global leaderboards pls Stickyfinger prohibited
  5. Please Read Before Posting! Please watch this before asking any questions! If it still didn't answer the thing you wanted to know like how some of the blocks work. Please go to Battlepedia, here. ( Okay, now let's begin! You are probably here asking, "Can you give me some tips on how to make a better level?" Yes I am friend, and I will give you multiple tips on how to not make your level not smell like bat poop. Well my friend, I have seen a lot of bat poop levels on the community theater right now! So here are my DOs and Don'ts of making a level. DOs Do make your levels fun and excited, don't waste a moment to put an interesting obstacle or puzzle. One example is instead of having a normal ladder, put some lasers next to it to make a timing obstacle! Do use the signs. I mean both the arrow ones, the warning ones, and the instructional ones. If you think there might be a chance of them not knowing where to go, use a arrow sign to point them in the right direction. The warning ones are mostly used for decoration, but they do make simple obstacles seem more challenging. The instructional ones should be used every time a player not know what to do. A heavy example is calling the horse to you with the LT button. I'm sure someone made a level where this happened and didn't put the sign. Do have intriguing placement of both your strawberries and your pie. Make sure that the pie one is the most difficult/hardest to find while the strawberries can be more easy to reach places. Another thing I've seen is that people use hidden block trails to hide strawberries, which is fine. However, they have mostly been random and not hinted at in the slightest. There are a few ways that you can hint at a hidden trail. One of them being an indent, which is where there is an empty space to the entrance of the hidden trail. Another is using colored blocks to lead the path. Finally, the last one is leaving the strawberry exposed, which will make them look around and probably will find your hidden block trail. Do test your levels with a friend. This is both for single player levels and co-op levels. (NOTE: I'm sorry if you're forever alone, but you should do this.) Since you made the map, you know where all the strawberries and pie are. And also how to beat the level effectively. You should ask a friend or relative. This is way more important in co-op levels though since you should get the feel on how to play the level with a friend. Do use plants and trees. They are just fun to put about to make your level not feel empty. DON'Ts Don't make your level open as all hell. I've seen levels that are all just cannons and grenade cats that are all just thrown across the whole level without linear thinking. Please make your levels linear where there is a beginning, middle, and end. The only exception is MAYBE secret levels, but don't make them super difficult. Don't make troll levels. I've seen levels that have just hidden blocks every where that only lead to death. It isn't fun, it isn't creative, it's just pointless. Don't make your level's impossible level difficult unless it actually requires skill. There are levels that are just filled with grenade throwing cats, lasers, and spikes just placed to make things difficult that requires no skill to traverse and ends up being luck. Don't use only a single color. There are some levels that are a single color which is horrible to look at. It isn't fun seeing the same single colored block everywhere in the level with no patterns. Use colors that contrast or maybe look cool and are easy to tell apart! Your help! Please comment below if you have any DOs or DON'Ts to help the new blood! We need nice juicy Dracula worthy new blood and not that sparkly vampire new blood! COMMENT BELOW!
  6. Some useful tricks I found, hopefully this helps someone out! (Sorry, If I post in the wrong area, I'm new to the forums) Frog - You can use them to jump across the colored water(Goo)(Throwing them, then jumping off their heads) Dart Gun - You can almost fully scale a whole wall using this! Forceball - Using this in a corner and jumping, You can get a HUGE boost up to a Gem, Yarn, Ledge You can add me if you guys want to play GT: Hateside