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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys! We have many successful threads like RPF, Music, and many others...... but what are you guys and galls eating right now? Im eating a corndog... im trying to make a successful topic guys... help me!
  2. Hello everyone! Some of you know me and some of you don't, so here is the chance to know me Today was a big day for me, I passed my finals! and this year I think I am not the only one around here, so if I am talking about you, yes you there, don't be shy and celibrate you glorius feeling with the others! I think we are happy to hear that we, behemoth fellowers, are finaly hatching out of this egg called 'school', what a terrible word... blegh. Anywayss if you are sitting on your chair, leaning back and feel like you are the ruler of the world at the moment, imagine with your dreamy vision skills that you lying in a hangmat (I don't know anymore what it is called, but you will probably know what I talking about) on hawaii, enyoing a nice cocunot milk thingy in your left hand and in your right hand a nice slice of pizza... yes go ahead you! you earned it! So the reason why I started this post is that I want to share not only my feelings with the world, but also those others who wat to! put them in the spotlight for a moment! let them be more happy then they ever could!! Appreciated if you don't did finals, or you are still in school, feel happy for these people and comment something nice for them. You would make the world a better place I hope this post isn't goinf to fade away for some reason, I will sure check this post next year, and next year etc etc... anyway thank you guys for supporting
  3. So I just want to know what the oldest topic/post on here is and it would really hard just to search in the search bar.