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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Y'all, Sorry I've been in Japan and didn't get a chance to do a proper summary of the event last week. Just in case you missed any of our daily recap posts, here are the links for our blog posts during our time in Kyoto for BitSummit: BitSummit 2014 - Prep BitSummit 2014 - Day 1 BitSummit 2014 - Day 2 BitSummit 2014 - Day 3 Everything was pretty sugoi (impressive and fantastic), but the only thing I regret was not getting picked up by a giant cat in Japan. Oh, well. Can't do everything in one trip!
  2. July 17th to July 21st, 2013 - Comic Con International The Behemoth - Booth #229 This year, we'll be joining many other game companies in the gaming section of San Diego Comic Con International. You'll be able to find us between Nintendo and Capcom at the first end of the Convention Center. We're bringing back the arcade cabinets, sweet new merchandise to purchase at our gift shop, autograph signings by our artists and owners, and a few surprises we'll unveil as the event gets closer. (Bookmark this thread because I'll be adding in more info to this post when we get closer to the event!) Are you going? Let us know in this thread!