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Found 12 results

  1. Did you know I have a youtube? No? Well check it out! Here! I make tons of content for Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and more! Those are just a couple, check out my channel and see all the content I create! Thanks, subscribe!
  2. Are you a new user? Then this is the guide for you! Here's some tips on how to get started by an unofficially certified TBF source. TIP ONE: TBF TEE BEE EFF Short for The Behemoth Forums. TIP TWO: Never post more then 20 times a day No one knows why. TIP THREE: Never post status updates I regret starting. TIP FORE: ALWAYS like your own posts. It shows that you have no friends and people will give you even more likes because they feel bad. TIP FIVE: Never get in Castle Crashers debates with Hazard You'll regret it. 666 Gold skulls m9. TIP ATE: Never bring up the following Five Nights at Freddy's Spiderman TIP Nine: Have fun. Alright well I sort of made this all as a joke but in all honesty number 5 and 8 are probably legit. If you are new I recommend this nifty little page. Have fun and good luck on your Tee Bee Eff adventure.
  3. What games do you think are funny? Are they funny on purpose or by accident? I for one am quite shocked that "War of Beach" got onto Steam. It ripped the coding from the mobile game "Boom Beach," made the music and graphics worse, then released it. But at the same time it's hilarious. I made the only review on steam that I'm actually proud of:
  4. Check out information there, we need to start preparing so the form will be closed on Thursday, November 12th. The date is Saturday, October 24th, 2015. UPDATE: Postponed to November 14th, 2015. Captain Christmas (or just Christmas, as he's known as here.) will be the ref! The application: This is Steam only. Thanks to the Real Time Gamer's Club for sponsoring this tournament, they will be providing the two steam key prizes, Alum, and Elemets: Soul of Fire. Join the group: Please contact me or Christmas if you have any questions!
  5. Welp, I don't got a full list, but a lot of things are different in CCR for steam. Barbarian is the same. All arrow knights are the same. Weapon stats are in-game now! Necromancer is the same. Blacksmith is the same. Fencer/Indy are the same. Anything else? Something I'd like to note is the new FPS is disorienting and hard to adjust to. New snakey staff look: I've got a guide going over all the changes, as well as some pictures of said changes:
  6. OH YEAH! Castle Crashers for Steam will be getting the remastered features October 14th baby! The hype!
  7. Do you play Castle Crashers for Steam? Awesome! You're going to love my Steam Group! We currently have 112 members (last time I checked) and are getting more and more each day! We're trying to become the biggest, strongest, most reliable Castle Crashers group on Steam! Join today and get tons of perks like: Free weapons Level help Updates on The Behemoth news Access to our yearly tournament (with prizes!) Access to our minor tournament A help section with lots of guides And more! We also have a saturday night gaming session on, as the name implies, saturday nights! We play tons of different games together as a group and discuss lots of tips for the game! We have a section for Battleblock Theater if you're interested in talking about that! We've got one for Pit People, too, and it will be opened when the game releases. I've also got a very special announcement - We're hosting the first annual Castle Crashers Army Tournament! It hasn't been perfected yet, but you can go ahead and join the group so you'll be notified on any updates! I also am working with Christmas as he's known on these forums to get a prize for the tournament! Stay tuned for updates! I hope you're all interested in joining this group as I've put a lot of work into getting it running. Together, we can be the best Castle Crashers Group out there! Please pop me a friend invite if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  8. Remember these guys? They were my childhood. I remember getting that blue one with wings and throwing it down the stairs trying to get it to fly. (I was a pretty stupid little kid.) Apparently they're rebooting it now. Great to see that my childhood is still relevant. Anyway, what do you think of these buildable action figures? Any memories of them?
  9. I felt inspired to write a guide today, so here it is: EDIT: Updated with more relevant information to the steam port.
  10. Well, it looks like lots of people are starting to make guides on the forums, so I decided I should post some of mine here. Instead of rewriting them, I'll just link you all to them. Castle Crashers - The Complete Basics Guide: Castle Crashers - The Best Ways to earn more XP Guide: Castle Crashers - All Animal Orb Ratings Guide: Castle Crashers - Better Keyboard Controls Guide (Steam Only): I will expand this as more guides come in the future!
  11. Start playing here: What do you get when you cross an adventure-y co-op level and a good old fashion ball game? This playlist! Okay, so that joke wasn't all that good. (Wasn't even a joke, really.) But this adventure competition makes you want to destroy your friend so hard that... Wait, you have to WORK TOGETHER?!?! Yep, you heard it right, in Puzzle Ball you're thrown through mind binding challenges and one descision that you have to make: Work with your friend, or take the prize for your self. Most of these challenging levels won't let you just take the ball and go in for the slam dunk. First, you might need to "Set Up" the match by solving a few puzzles. Oh, and keep a look out for strawberries! They're hidden in a few levels and a fun little present if you happen to do an act of friendship for your enemy. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and and kill your friend... and then help him... and then beat him... or lose- It's up to you! NOTE: About 90% of these levels don't work very well with bots. The "fake blocks" sort of mess with their AI. Here's some gameplay footage of the first level:
  12. "It's gonna be a ton of fun!" Battleblock Theater is the best game ever, on the planet. But, have you ever asked yourself, "Is there a way I can make this game the most fun, ever?" Yes, you can. And here's how, in just 7 easy steps. (NOTE: This is NOT a guide to beating the game. This is a guide to having the most fun as possible!) STEP 1: Plan it This guide is mostly for people new to Battleblock, but returning users can use it, too! Something I do recommend is either resetting your data, using another account, or just trying the whole thing again. (Not resetting your data, and just playing campaign again.) Once you've chosen one of these, you can start planning. Yes, even though some people think otherwise, you can plan fun. Choose a night that you can play -- I recommend weekends, of course. Make sure your friend (yes, it's almost essential to have a friend to have the most fun in BBT.) can come that day. Of course, make your play space is comfortable, and no one will interrupt. Set up some snacks, sitting on the couch playing video games can get you hungry. Obviously, grab some drinks. Soda, chocolate milk -- pretty much the best drinks you can find. STEP 2: "Kill your friend and grab the jem!" Friends are almost essential. I recommend playing on XBOX 360, mainly because instead of being huddled in front of a computer, you can sit back and be relaxed. I definitely do not recommend online play. Why? Maybe you want to actually have full communication, instead of relying on mics. Plus, you can share those snacks you set up. Besides, friendship shouldn't be over screens, your friend should be with you, and should interact face to face. STEP 3: Choose your mode What will mode do you like the most? I don't recommend level editing if your going for a night of fun and laughter. (unless the levels your making are completely ridiculous.) Here are the top 3 things to do: 3. Complete it all This is only for advanced players. Have you finished the campaign? Cool! You earned the prize of awesomeness! Want to earn the prize of awesomeness beyond comprehension? COMPLETE IT. For example, unlock all the heads, unlock all the star heads, beat all the time levels, buy all the weapons (which you probably have already done in the normal campaign) or beat insane mode. This is a very fun task to do with friends, me and my friend pulled an all-nighter doing it, and we still aren't finished. 2. Arena This mode is great for a group. Unlike campaign when you can only have up to 2 players, you can have up to 4! It brings out your competitive spirit, and it's a ton of fun! I highly suggest ball game, it's my personal favorite! 1. Campaign My friend and I spend countless nights of laughter and rage completing the campaign. It's great to do with friends. Here's some tips: Don't skip the cut-scenes unless you've seen them before, they're super funny. Don't play some levels while your friend isn't. If you didn't get the campaign done in that one night of fun that we planned in step 1, plan another one! Invite your friend for more amazing fun! Plus, it's much better to play together! STEP 4: Don't take it to seriously This is quite possibly the most important step. Don't play BBT so you get a perfect A++ score, play it for fun. Now, if you get something like a C then that's completely unacceptable. Go back and do the level again. Just kidding. Play for the fun, not the grade. Sure, a little challenge or friendly competition is alright, just nothing to a point where your playing the same level millions of times until you get a perfect grade. You died? So what! You're rewarded with big laughs and, of course, a funny quote from the narrator. Feel free to push your friend into the spikes, he/she won't mind. STEP 5: No rush Battleblock Theater isn't fun at all if you rush through it, skipping cut-scenes, punching your friend because he/she is going to slow. DO NOT RUSH IT. You'll be sad when the story of friendship will be over. Make the most of it. Who cares if you and your friend are stuck on one puzzle for a half an hour, all that matters is that you're having fun! Like I said in step 3, don't play when your friend isn't. It's better to play levels together! STEP 6: Additional Settings Here's some helpful settings to better your experience. You can set how common the narrator speaks! I recommend Blabbermouth, because if this is set on, the narrator speaks more! Have fun laughing at his funny comments! (You can do this for the crowd, too! The higher the setting, the more they clap for your amazing deaths!) I also suggest subtitles, so you'll never miss a joke in the cut-scenes! STEP 7: Plan another night! The title says it all: do it again! Try to make the most of Battleblock Theater! Conclusion So, just so you guys know, I CANNOT tell you how to have fun. These are just a few tips that a lot of people I know use! I hope all find these helpful, and, if you have any ways you like to have fun with your friends, let me know! BONUS ROUND Let's have some more fun! Fan Vs. Vacuum Cleaner Credit goes to Jamma003! You and your friend should do something stupid. Ad least once in your friendshipy quest, have one friend have the vacuum, and the other a fan, then use them at the same time. Epic things will happen.