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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! I have an xbox one and i just love this game, but my friends have a PC and we cant play together! So we want CASTLE CRASHERS to have crossplay, maybe even for ps4 !please BEHEMOTH... IF YOU WANT TOO SHARE THIS IDEA AND REPLY... thanks
  2. Today, 6/11/17 I noticed an update for the Xbox one castle crashers remastered. Anyone know what that was about ?
  3. The new update has been released making ti so Mac can now download and play the game enjoy!
  4. Just this weekend, you guys updated Furbottom's Features during some sort of XBLA maintenance. It's been a few days since then, and Furbottom's Features still hasn't seemed to update yet. Is it because this maintenance is still ongoing or something? It doesn't seem like it is. Is this because of my Xbox?
  5. So, now that we've seen all the Star Heads, what about those last eight weapons? [i know that there's probably a dozen or more threads about this, but now these type of threads are more prudent than ever! I can't stand that small gap in my otherwise perfect collection!] But getting to the point, what are your predictions/speculations/ideas/hopes/dreams about these last weapons? DLC or an update? What are they? What do you want them to be? Are these ever going to be added? Is The Behemoth just trolling all of us with OCD? Gimme your opinion! You never know what'll happen... PostScript- I misclicked and accidentally posted this in the wrong forum. Great going. I'll see about getting this moved to the General Discussion Forum, but in the meantime, feel free to post!
  6. Castle Crashers Steam Update 1.4 Our QA team and programmers have been working hard to work on a new update for Castle Crashers Steam Edition. Going live today will be an update that has the following adjustments: - Fixed low-frequency crashes on specific settings and help pages - Lag alleviation when playing online with certain computers - Alleviated button press delay for certain computers We will let you know as soon as the update goes into effect. At that point, any Castle Crashers Steam players will be prompted to update when logging in to CC Steam. Individuals who purchase the game after update 1.4 has gone live will not need to redownload the update since it will already be the most recent version of the game. We are continuing to improve the game and trying to give you the best quality support. If you encounter any issues in Castle Crashers (or any of our games), please let us know by using our support system: Thank you!
  7. The blog stated that Furbottom's Features would update today with new playlists that would make not one but TWO new Star heads available. When will it update with these new playlists? I'm eager to see what the new heads are.
  8. Our recent update led to an unforeseen issue in which users with Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard version could not launch the game properly. We worked as quickly as possible to create the update for this API compatibility issue and tested it before we released the update. For those players who downloaded the game prior to 12/13/2012 you will now be able to download the update. It should only affect Mac users.