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Found 2 results

  1. Post below what playlist (solo, coop, or arena) you would want to be see featured next or possibly very soon! After a few people have casted their vote below I will make a thread containing all the ones for everyone to vote for! (It's ok if you pick your own ) I would say (not out of selfishness) my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken" because I spent 4 months creating it, adding every detail I can, adjusting certain obstacles, and replaying many countless times and put good effort into it and would like to see it featured one day
  2. Voting Polls Closed Thank you for voting Thanks to all the writers who submitted a story for the Castle Crashers fiction contest. Over 40 stories were entered into the contest, which asked for 450-550 words about two Castle Crashers knights. There were poems. There was comedy. There was drama. Now it's up to the community to decide which five stories out of the ten finalists are their favorite, and those five authors will receive their choice of a BattleBlock Theater t-shirt or Castle Crashers free download on XBLA or PSN America. Each forum member can vote for their favorites, so read through the ten selected entries and give us your opinion. You can vote for more than one! Read all ten selected stories here. Polls close on May 14, 2012 at 5PM PST. You must be logged in as an active forum member to vote.