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Found 3 results

  1. Hazard

    Rare Replay

    I'm shocked that a topic hasn't been made for this game yet. What are your thoughts on this game? Are you going to play/buy it?
  2. This topic is for... The First Behemoth Forums Smash Tournament!! (Super Smash Bros for 3DS) Date & Time: Sunday October 12 @ 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM BST (London) If you are signed up in the tournament but are not already a Skype contact with me, send me a contact request and I will add you to the private chat for the tournament. My Skype username is Joybuzzer64. Please state what your username on the forums is when you send the request so I know who you are. Thank you! Rules: (the ones in red are up for debate) - Single elimination - No items Fox only, Final Destination - Stages: All stages? Only Omega versions of each stage? Only certain stages? - No custom moves - 2-stock matches - Best-out-of-3 sets, except for semifinals and finals, which will be best-out-of-5 - Matches will not be redone because of lag, no matter how bad it is - If one player accidentally disconnects, the match will be redone once; if it happens again, the match will go to whoever was winning (based on stocks, then based on damage) - If there is ANY indication that someone disconnected just because they were losing, they are automatically disqualified. - Additionally, if anyone is caught legitimately cheating (and no, spamming one attack doesn't count as "cheating"), they are disqualified. - Exploiting glitches will either be tolerated or will result in that match counting as an automatic victory for the other player, depending on the case. Note: if you cannot prove that the glitch has already been discovered, it will be treated as cheating and you will be disqualified as such. All input on the rules is considered, so please offer your thoughts! The Official List of Competitors v1.2.0 DroppedYourPocket (2191 - 7933 - 7696) - Shulk [underwear] Mr.Hatty (1461 - 6708 - 0572) - Pac Man GoldenGhost (3454 - 2259 - 8402) - Duck Hunt Gamefemale (2320 - 6681 - 7010) - Sonic [Purple] TURRET_100 (4012 - 4993 - 0501) - Mr. Game & Watch Turkey (1418 - 7737 - 8450) - Robin [Pink-haired female] SaltOnToast (4742 - 5822 - 8412) - Mega Man Boggle_Plays_Chicken (4038 - 6331 - 9328) - Bowser Jr. [iggy] MorgLikesGames (1891 - 1668 - 7887) - Ness [Menu] Abz2141 (2079 - 6290 - 4792) - Zero Suit Samus Chris (0946 - 2724 - 5736) - Ike [Purple/Black] MisterrQuentin (2380 - 4124 - 1826) - Sheik True213 (2294 - 5231 - 8001) - Rosalina + Luma I can't play Mother 3 (5327 - 1434 - 3513) - Greninja [shiny] (The bracket will be created on the day of the tournament, and sign-ups will be allowed until Saturday October 11 at 11:59 PM.) Use this topic for discussion on the tournament, including offering suggestions for the rules, signing up for the tournament, making changes to your reserved character, or just trash-talking. If you want to sign up, please include: - the character you want to play as in the tournament - any alt costume for your character that you want to reserve (optional) - your 3DS friend code
  3. Starting Image: What This Is: Take the picture ( the newest one) and add something but only ONE thing, add eyes add a mouth add ears change its color, add a shape, anything just build off each other! When you think it's done/completed make a new base shape! Also: do not remove something someone else has added, that's mean ):