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Found 15 results

  1. Really? He's already about to release the new one? My, if the first one is anything to go off of this will lose all of its luster after the first couple nights where the game shows its true colors and repetitiveness.... and really there isn't much to be admired for long in a game that solely consists of jump scares, but hey, it would be really awesome and make me interested if the entire game wasn't pre-rendered and the animatronics actually could move while you look at them! Oh..... so it's the same as the last game then? Well okay, I guess I don't need to buy it, I'll just watch every other let's player under the sun play it....... (If you want this game to get made though, vote for it on its Steam Greenlight page) I do like the idea of this sequel conceptually though, that now all the old machines have been decayed and replaced, but still roam around with the new ones, and the lore behind this series actually is pretty interesting, especially in that it seems the new Freddy is made up of the parts taken off of the old animatrons from 5N@F's 1 (there's an image detailing this somewhere online but I don't care nearly enough to find it). Anyway, is anyone here actually gonna get this game? Anyone here play the first? Meh, talk amongst yourselves EDIT: This thread is now relevant to the third and fourth games now but I feel no need to change anything because all my points still stand
  2. Hey guys, with the League of Ninjas in battleblock theater, I was thinking that we needed our own Castle Crashers clan. Xbox or PS3, it doesn't matter because this is just a group for people who are either good at normal, insane, arena or AYCQuaff. Post your gamertag or PSN and you can tell us your lifetime wins or your level characters. The minimum requirement for the divisions are: 15 white skulls = story normal 1 gold skull (not level skipped) = story insane 50 ranked wins = Arena 40 ranked wins = AYCQuaff Story Mode (Normal): Industrial Knight/Hallow Fighter (XBL) Story Mode (Insane): SWag Bbq (XBL) trickster2599 (PSN) Zephyr (PSN) MmayhemM (PSN) Arena (Ranked): xNarwhalNinjax (XBL) Zephyr (PSN) All you can Quaff (Ranked):
  3. Welcome to the HL3 Confirmed game This is how you play, First someone posts a random sentence,then the next person trys to take things from that sentence to make HL3 confirmed Example: Sentence:I went to get 62 eggs today,how loopy! Answer: Take the first digit and divide it by the second digit and you get 3 take the 2 first letters of the last words and you get HL,HL+3=HL3, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED Ok ill start: I am going to buy 1 bitey bat hat from the store for $15 and maybe 5 other things,how lovely
  4. Not a serious question, just a fun little poll. (You probably can tell it's not a serious question due to the stupid possible answers. This shouldn't be considered spam. Actually, considering how strict the mods have been lately, it might be considered spam. Well this is just for fun, consider that before you lock.)
  5. So, my friend Jake gave someone named Tyler 5 pieces of gum but in exchange his soul was to be given to Jake. Jake made a legit contact and they both signed it and so did a witness. Does Jake now own Tylers soul? What would you give your soul for? Note that I am not a very religious person but still if something were to be as significant as a "soul" is said to be would you sell it?
  7. Welcome friends, foes, and felines, to my arena discussion. You have seen the Hall of Dudes, but have you seen The Hall of Pain? I think not. I am nearly done making my first playlist and arena playlist. This playists hosts favorites such as: Ball Maul, Crush da Brush, and many, many, more. I am looking for tips from some of the all time greats, such as: our Furrbottom Features veteran: 8Bitten, ps3guyguy, our 2014 XBLA Arena Playlist Contest Winner: MeltedCow, our designing overlord MisterrQuentin, and many of our creative level designers. This playlist was made for the arena design contest but alas, I took a vacation. Why rush something that had potential? Thank you and expect this playlist in the near future. Hall of Pain Coming to a (Battleblock) Theater near you.
  8. Not to sound rude but could someone draw me something like a cat guard with the words cat guard on it it will be my signature with credits 2 u
  9. blue sky blue sky waht r u doin BLUE SKY PLZ STAHP (This is a general Peanuts discussion thread btw.)
  10. Greetings users, this is a very wonky thread, you should be happy in case you weren't included. Creativity flows like spring water. Our journey begins with a young adventurer called Ultanoka, who bravely explored the kingdom of the mysterious Anonymous Scammer. A journey isn't a journey without an offical mascot is it? His loyal mascot was the Bipolar Bear. Together, they traveled through the dangerous forest of Memor-ies, facing many challenges in the way. The first one was EvilHat, a big Trickster, who forced them to eat a Demon Steak that looked like a Bloob. It wasn't a problem, and so they ate it fiercely and moved on. The next challenge was Koen, an Elusive Kat who lived in a SushyGummi ship and had the power of an Industrial Knight. Advancing wasn't easy, but they convinced him that he had Dropped His Pocket, killing him with a Frost blast while he searched for the lost piece of cotton. Later, they encountered a potential threat, Roy G Biv, a Golden Ghost Turkey who could rapidly build a 100 Turrets. There was no way they could pass this challenge, except with the help of a backup sidekick. His name was Mysterious Tuuka, appearing out of the blue, this True One Winged Angel slashed the ghost turkey till his last bits. They lost him though, Game Female dragged him away. Let's skip to the end, shall we? After so many battles, a Spyer was hired by the Scammer's strategist, Mr.Hatty, used a pyro pixel to burn our heroes to the ground. Who really overthrew Anonymous Scammer? A Thunder Knight called Chris. Unfortunately, he got eaten 5 minutes after conquering the forest by a Fox Dragon, and since then it reigns on Alien Hominid mispelled's control, son of Fossa of Fossa City. The end. Moral of the Story: Morg likes games, except Minecraft So what did you guys think? Cotacool eh?
  11. Anyone wanna play Typing of The Dead online? Just give me your IP address. If you don't know how to make a game just go to network and it will say "create game" and just put in your server name or whatever and BAM!
  12. Hello everyone there! I made a while ago a new arena playlist called Tree eats you, the reason why i post this topic now is that I just discovered it. For those dummies who don't know how to find my player created playlist let me explain: First of all: when you are in the mainscreen go to xbox live game. Second: you want to host my playlist, so go to host match and select arena: community theater. Third: select search for playlist and type in my name (HTTP 405 Error) or search for Tree eats you and then (suprise suprise) select the playlist. The fourth thing you want to do: Go ahead and relax while you are consuming some pizza so you can enjoy your journey to collect fellowers who can enjoy my playlist too! The fifth and final thing: PLAY! Let your problems be eating away by the tree where you are playing on!! Thanks for reading and playing my playlist! Feedback is appreciated! And remember: Eat pizza and rate 5!! (looks like Dan P doesn't it?)
  13. Just try because I BET YOU CAN'T!!! >
  14. Remember back in that games you hate thread, where I posted all those games? Well, I decided to revisit some of them, and I changed my mind about some. I played Yoshi's Story some time last week, and to be honest, I think it's safe to say that it's one of my favorite Nintendo games. With that in mind, it's been a while since they've made a Yoshi-console-game. But no longer! Behold, a Yoshi platformer with the same idea as Kirby's Epic Yarn! I hope it's Yoshi's Second Story. I couldn't find an official gameplay trailer. Here's the article to them talking about it at Nintendo Direct. http://www.zeldainfo...nintendo-direct
  15. Let me get this straight before I actually start this thread: I am not instructing you on making a firearm. I will simply be showing you my progress as I create one (very, very safely). Do NOT try making this at home, especially if you have no firearms experience. This is strictly for academic and entertainment purposes. I am in no way encouraging you to make a firearm for yourself. --- Alrighty right, forum goers. I thought I'd show you my progress with a personal project of mine as I worked on it. It might interest some of you, yes, and others may not like it at all. That's fine and dandy, either way, really. Yes, the project is making a gun. No, it's not one of those pipe zip gun deathtraps. This should be interesting. The gun in question will be a hammer-fired single-shot .22 caliber rimfire (.22 Short, .22 Long, .22 Long Rifle) pistol. My inspiration actually came from a leftover pistol grip I had. Not a lot, but it was enough to get my wheels turning. It took a few days to come to a final design, but I think it looks best with the final design. So, without further ado, here we go! I'll add content in new posts, since this is my own thread. Here we go. [For your convenience and for the life of your Internet connection, I have put each image-heavy post in a spoiler, except for the first line. Click the "Show" button to go ahead and view the rest of everything.]