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Found 5 results

  1. I'm coming back like a wrecking ball everyone! This time, I'm not hosting just 1, but 2 tournaments! Welcome to The Behemoth Forums Valentine's Day 3DS and Wii U Smash Tournaments! 3DS date and time: Saturday February 28th at 6pm central time Wii U date and time: cancelled Please let me know if there are any conflicts before 5:45pm central time today (February 28th). The Lovely Rules: Double Elimination The only character restriction is your character of choice must have pink, red, purple, or white in it. Because I love everyone, no stage restricitions Best 2 out of 3 every round except semifinals and finals, which shall be 3 out of 5 No items, Fox only, Final Destination No custom moves allowed 2 stocks If a player disconnects, the decision to redo the match or forfeit will lie in the hands of the players playing the match. If someone disconnected because (s)he was losing, that person will be disqualified. If someone exploits a glitch, it will either be tolerated or the other person will have an automatic victory depending on the case. If the exploiter cannot prove it already exists, that person will be disqualified. If a person is cheating, that person will be disqualified. If you want to sign up for either tournament, you must leave me with your friend code and your Skype name. There will be a Skype group for the tournament. If you will be in the 3DS tournament, I will invite you prior to the start of the tournament. Signups for the 3DS tournament will close today (February 28th) at 5:45pm central time. Bracket will be complete by then. Confirmed 3DS competitors:
  2. Hi! How was your day today? The purpose of this topic is to tell us how your day was. (P.S Mod: If this topic doesn't go well or is in the wrong place feel free to move or lock. :]
  3. How the heck do some people know so much about the internet? 90% of the time I have to google a reference someone has made to find out and no longer feel stupid. Am I not browsing the internet enough? I kinda want to be able to make funny references to funny things too, y'know. I had never heard of Doge until the avatar theme. Sue me.
  4. Since we already have a 'Share your Desktop!' thread, I thought it would be fun to go one step further than that and create a 'Share your Desk/ Workspace!' thread To start with, here's mine! The first thing you might notice is my terribly outdated DELL keyboard and mouse. They're not brilliant to use, but they're still working and so I refuse to replace them. The second is that this desk looks a little old, and cheap. This is because I didn't feel like bringing my own desk from home to University with me (this one was left behind by the previous tenants). It saved on space during the trip over here, anyways! The only thing is that I end up having to shift the keyboard and mouse off of the desk if I want the space to get any sketching done So, do any of you guys have an interesting desk you feel like showing off? Any comments on this one? Share them here!
  5. Once again my love for creating levels has drained my life away. Here's 15 stages of epicness mixed with amazing in a stew of magic. Colosseum: So you're locked in a cage right, then the cage unlocks and you're like ok then you go up on this stage and step on a button now you're in another cage, except now there's another guy and he was also in a cage and now you're both punchin each other from in a cage......CAGECEPTION! Factory: You carelessly stumble into an abandoned factory, ran by a single crazy scientist who puts you through deadly tests of the mind. Teleportization: Each teleporter randomly brings you to a random room of random death. Some easy to overcome. Others are bat poop crazy. Clatter: Looks like a normal battlefield, straight land. Then a block moves down on it's own, then another, and another, 30 seconds in and everything's a wild mess. Ring of Fire: Don't fall off or you'll never get back on....... Because you'll be impaled by spikes Deadly Game: It's all fun and games 'til someone get's punched in the face. Slaughter: THERE'S DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE and don't be one of them. Kingdoms: Will you bring the battle to your opponent and crash his castle. Or will you be the unfortunate lad to fight back the opponent away from your kingdom. Planet Battle: A colossus battle which takes place in SPACE!!... But you're still standing on Earth so yeah. Im On A Boat: C'mon guys it was supposed to be a nice family cruise, now everyone's getting pushed off the boat and blasted out of cannons. *sigh* Forest: Maybe if you hide in the grass, they won't try to punch your face in...Never mind. Light VS Dark: Take your side, the cloudy overworld, or the heated underworld. Let the war begin. Doomsday: Whatever you do! Do NOT press that button at the top of the screen, because it will be a massacre if that button is pressed. A MASSACRE I SAY A MASSACRE! HattyHattington: Inspiration from xxTawnia's Hatty Head level. I created a replica(and we all know how good I am at those *shiver*) of Hatty Hattington. Won't it be fun, murdering people on Hatty's shoulders. I know right! Final Battle: You know it's serious business when the word "final" is in the title. IT'S DONE!