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Found 2 results

  1. I am legitimately scared like that one time I played and beat Outlast while my friend and 40 people watched our live stream and laughed at me. He was really freaked out too watching me play because that game is super scary! Anyways someone is about to get featured, and 7 of you super sweat people on the forums voted for me. I won our unofficial poll for the last Furbottom Feature but who will win the official one? Thank you everyone for your love and support, especially the love if you catch my drift. Your friend, Swirly Kalen PS, Zaplosion v4 is the latest and greatest version of my playlist. A lot of improvements were made and its amazing. Play it if it doesn't get featured because it does right what the original didn't! Thanks!
  2. Electricity and explosions should be avoided, but don't avoid playing this playlist, that would be silly. Play and enjoy and as always thank you for your support! Zaplosion_v6 is the latest and greatest version and is the last.