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Professor Choak

Character Profile Art. For youu((OR AM I?))

What do you think of Castle Choakers?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Castle Choakers?

    • OWN.
    • Fail
    • I would totally join that group
    • I wouldn't want them to knock the last turd out of me

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So many requests!!! Now here's another one! :D

Teh Brown Knight

Based off: Regular Knight

Appearance: Where the normal colors would be (like the cross on the shirt if you can see it and head) isbrown. A white cross on the face (like a normal Knight.) Has a cut/scar on his helmet, going over his eye.

Mood: Like this: :roll:

Background: Lightish Brown.

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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Could you toy with this idea?

Peasant with wild black hair and crazy bloodshot eyes.

Some sort of crazed facial expression to go along with that.

Black straight jacket with white trim.

An owl-esque orb holding a sirenge in its beak/talons.

Just a thought.

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I hope Choak didn't retire.. :lol: and I hope it's not too late to make a request.

Character: Civilian, with black hair and tan (not too dark) skin, wearing knight's armor: the cross is dark green.

Expression: Holding that green-holed sword, looks serious.

Magical Background: White swirleys!

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If your up to it?

General Character Base: Brute

Colors: ex: Anything have fun with it, not too colorful or "girlish"?

Mood/Style: Some sort of angry or "P'd" off expression.

Magic(For background): ex: Dark? Flames"

:) I don't know if your accepting requests atm, but I've seen some of your work and it's pretty nice keep it up man.

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