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Stoic Panda

PSN Areana Tournament: Sign Up Now!

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franscisco248, ill be on thursday.
Gilgamesh101, Level 99 Industrialist. I'm bad at PVP, and htis might be good practice.

Sigh noone reads anything but If you guys want to join you can be against each other in the first round.

Just post here who wins if you geys ever play

I wasnt talking to you, I was talking to my opponent Francisco248,

Oh Sorry Dude I was realy tired when making that post lol. Anyways anyone add their opponent yet and play them?

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Huh, if your opponent doesnt add you in 3 days he will have to forfit.

On the other hand, fatty I am forfiting to you because schools just gotten realy crazy and I havnt been able to get on in so long.

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