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I have way to much time on my hands.

And lately, on the internet, bordom has consumed most interest in the games and sites.

So, I, ask you forum, what internet games are actually fun? That is, besides

the ones I already played

Bloons tower defence 4

Desktop tower Defence

Cursed treasure

Upgrade Complete

World Infector

Achievement Unlocked!


Good games


So I ask you, what good free internet games are their around here?


P.S. It would be nice if the games were available on Kongregate.

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Elements is a pretty fun (Imo) card game, sometimes a bit tedious. Look it up on kongregate.

Its a bit confusing, but not that bad. I need to get the hang of it.

The only flash games I've really found fun are Avalanche and Barbarian Bob.

But I rarely play flash games.

I still remember barbarian bob for like, 2007...I never really got that far..

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Stick RPG, if you're really and truely bored you could spend some time in this game.

Already beated it.

Epic battle fantasy 3 , best rpg on the Netz

WHat is it like? The name is...disapealing.


also,belongs to OTHER GAMES

Did they fix the server errors I've been hearing about?

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There are some of my favorites.

You should be able to find something you like in there.

Only two of them were actually in my favorites before, but the forums have a limit to how many links you can put in a post, so I just put them all in my favorites.

I found this in your list

Excellent game

It feels like a 2D portal

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Chibi Knight

Happy Wheels

Toss The Turtle

Hot Ninja Moon Moon is an awesome retro game that I think you'd like in particular.

And if you're willing to download a free game, Spelunky is right up your alley.

Also, Level Up! and HATS. Play Condition if you like Cave Story. Also, try Dale and Peakot. All of you.

And Communist in Space.

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