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Rank #1 PS3!!!

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Why is this topic still around. Its been a month since I played CC.

An Mad is still giving his time to this thread to flame. :lol: Thank you?

Yerrrp not first anymore.

I'm friends with the new 1st placer and he made it known to me that I shouldnt even try anymo.

Cant compete with his methods.

It was awesome while it lasted tho. :]

Thanks to all who supported!

Buhh now Im on to better and bigger things. BlackOps and ACBrotherhood are out!

I recommend everyone should play ACB it will blow your mind penis.

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Juggling is a skill. Dodging juggles is a skill. Sure many new players may have not mastered that skill, but running around pressing buttons is not a skill.

Juggling may not be looked at as the most fair alternate to new players who don't understand, but Juggling is an adaption to the combat system. We can't all sit at square one, new players need to adapt like everyone else.

Just because it's a skill doesn't mean it's fair. I once got an opponent down to very low life, without juggling once (he was juggling, of course), you know what happened? He got me stuck in a corner and juggled me to death, and there was no way to escape.

It takes much more skill to beat an opponent if no juggling is involved. At that point it's more dependent on fighting and less dependent on using one particular button combination over and over.

It is fair its part of the game ^^

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