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Mr. Hatty

Castle Crashers: The RPG (Down Until Further Notice)

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@Grim: The whole was made by a worm O.o. some health lost....

@Pie: The Marshmallow was a BOMB! Your armour was destroyed!

Just know that in the future, you will have to /examine(item) to see description........

I am The Crafter's Voice, unlike the other voices, I WAS ONCE A KNIGHT! The Brown Knight as a matter of fact, and after crafting for so long, I accidentaly crafted myself with the air O.o Any who, I will teach you how to craft!

A blanket, a weak sword, a live chicken, a bouncy ball, A live pig, a wooden shield, four bombs, and flagpole.

Try Crafting some! You can craft up to three things together! For the sake of the tutorial, items will not break when a failed crafting happens, but outside of THE CAVE they will break...

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I craft the flagpole with a shield.

YOU MADE: The Push-Shield

It is a shield on a stick :ninja: That you can push people with!




Would you like to craft some more?

EDIT: I'll make your pic in a sec PieGuy

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i kill the pig then skin it and cure the skin, then i break little sharp pieces of wood off of the wooden sword before using the slime of the cave to attatch the sharp pieces of wood onto the pig hide and wrapping the pig hide around the ball making the head of a makeshift medevial flail, then attatches the blanket using some more super-glue like cave slime. making a primitive medevial flail, TAKE THAT ALL YOU AMETURE CRAFTERS! :ninja: and btw you cant craft anything with the crafters voice, its impossible so the blanket was up for me to use

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