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Golf In Eye-popping 3D

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Um. Wait, can I skip this one? During The Summer

No, really, I don't really have the time to edit this post. is a thriving town of about 10,000 No, seriously now. residents. I've got a final tomorrow. population can swell to over 40,000 during I really need to study for it.

The I have to wake up in 7 hours. community represents a mix of residents from I can't fail this test. and I failed the last one. to I'd rather not fail this class. The Why am I still doing this? lifestyle is a unique balance of I really can't keep editing this post, my grades depend on it, my future depends on it and if I fail I'm going to end up being a hobo.

It's rare to find a Then again, it's a communication class. without an That doesn't really count as a class, does it?. Many international I wonder why I even need to take this class. come to seek I haven't really learned anything, all I do is surf the web on my laptop, find spambots on the forums and so I can mess with their posts.

The I wonder if I'm confusing anyone with this edit of If I am, I'm sorry, Try reading just the blue. surrounded by That should make your life easier. and These bots never really say anything interesting anyway. and Seriously, why advertise golf in a game forum? around is hard to resist and many We play video games. with the we care nothing about golf and decide to stay. There are some Too bad I banned this user and edited out the post before anybody saw the thread, right? who have This is like the third time in a row, too.


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