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Castle Crashers Custom Arcade Stick 2.0!!!!

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See my second stick here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6482

Welp i'm back, and I thought I'd make an upgrade to my old CC stick. Presenting the Castle Crashers Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition :D

Click for details:

Parts used:

-Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition

-CC Artwork

-Full size Plexiglass top

-x8 Purple Sanwa OBSF-30

-x2 Light blue OBSF-30

-x2 Vermillion OBSF-30

-x2 Orange OBSF-30

-x2 Green OBSF-30

-Since they don't sell mixed button colors for OBSF's, I had to purchase each color button to swap em. Yikes I know but hey, it's better then *cough* paying $200+ on X-arcade sticks just to use the parts in your Comic-con Arcade cabinet, Behemoth *cough* ;)

-If it looks a little dusty, I apologize. I was scared that I'd crack the plexi when putting in the parts so I ended up reapplying the art twice to the stick (making it smudged).

-If you are interested in doing this to your own step, you find an easy guide here:

-The guy who cut the art and made the plexi is Arthong, props to him. His site is

-If enough of you guys want, I guess I could upload the template I used :)

Happy Holidays!!

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nice job, looks awesome, but its a shame that the colours in the title dont match the order of colours the knights stand in in the line.

Blame Dan's inconsistency when drawing lol j/k

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