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Its on page 37 of the DLC Ideas Thread.


Here are some DLC ideas I've been thinking of for a while.

The Sand Castle Kindgdom:

Some new level ideas I think would be good would be to add some levels based off the Sand Castle Kingdom. A good character to add would be the Sultan to rule this kingdom. The new levels can start off with a peace treaty being signed by the King and the Sultan when a new villian comes in and kidnaps the Sultan's daughter.

The four knights are at it again in another chase and it leads them through some mountains and into some jungle levels. The main enemies being fought would be Samurai and perhapes there would be a level near a river where players may get to see some Samurai vs Ninjas action going on.

New background structures can be of Japanese design or maybe even some ancient Aztec and Mayan step pyramids and other stone structures would fit in nicely with the jungle levels.

A new Desert Arena can be added and have you fight either Saracens or Royal Guards. It could unlock a new character called The Prince which would be the Sultan's son.

I also suggest Amazons in the jungle. There could be a few levels where you help defend their villages in the jungle and they then follow you as allies throughout and spark a massive assault against the Samurai stronghold. I imagine that it would be the level before the Villians lair; a giant stone temple covered in vines with a rediculious amount of steps to the top.

If his lair is set up as a step pyramid then each level could house different challenges and more enemies for you to fight with a boss at the end. An additional boss could be added at the end for every level you go up. If this were the case then I should imagine that this pyramid shouldn't be any more than 5 stories tall. (The only problem I see is that it might be impossible to do on insane mode.)

The last boss of course should be the Villian with an epic ending. I suggest that when the Villians health meter is finally depleted he is the throws of death when The Prince comes and chops off his head. The Prince then picks up his sister and everyone goes home on a flying carpet. Back at the Sand Castle there is an oddly familiar party going on when the battle for the kiss begins.

P.S. She could be wearing a veil the entire time until the kiss where you finally get to see that she has a mustache.

Alien Invasion:

The Beefy Hominid that escapes Alien Ship sneaks into Home Castle after the party and steals the Crystal in order to power his star cruiser under construction. The Knights follow him to another portion of the Desert and fight their way through Hominids, laser turrets, and Hominids on two legged mechs before reaching his Pyramid Base.

Once inside the heroes battle their way through more Hominids and defense robots. Halfway through the level they find a prison cell holding a Pink Knight. Setting her free, they follow her through the rest of the level. At the end they find the Beefy Hominid, pushing a hovercart with the Crystal strapped to it, through a large circular portal that looks like the one from Stargate.

Once through, the Knights find themselves on an alien base located on the moon. In the background through windows you can see the lunar landscape and earth in the distance. The moon base is has three different paths you can take, each one ending with you aquiring a space relic in order to access the security door the Beefy Hominid has gone through with the crystal.

Onboard you will fight Hominids, robots, mechs, turrets, and various other space alien creatures. Once through the security door the Knights will find the Beefy Hominid and the Crystal is some weird housing apparatus as it's about to be placed in a large starship in the background. The battle comences and when won the victorious heroes leave through another Stargate along with the Pink Knight. New character unlocked!

Insane Mode World:

The players follow the injured Necromancer as he tires to escape. He goes through The Portal of Insanity which requires 5 gold skulls to unlock. Only characters that have beaten insane mode can go through. Insane Mode World is filled with zombie knights, werewolves, vampires and other monsters the players must beat. A second stone doorway must be opened in order to access the second half of Insane Mode World. This one requires 10 gold skulls to open.

A few new items to be bought in IMW are Blue Potions which completely fill both the health and magic bars. Players can only carry five of these. Revival Stones, a very expensive jewel which allows a player to be brought back to life if he is out of potions. These stones only work on insane mode or IMW and players can only carry one at a time.

Defeating the Necromancer and beating Insane Mode World will unlock a new sword. Each character unlocks a different insane sword and they can only be equipped by a level 50 or higher. As such the these swords have better stats than regular ones. Insane Swords cannot be picked up by other players when dropped unless already unlocked.

Beating Insane Mode World once will unlock the Blacksmith, beating regulare mode with him will unlock his helmeted version aka the Purple Knight. Beating Insane Mode World 10 times will unlock the Black Knight.

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Shouldn't one gold skull be enough? :?

Anyways, generally, game companies don't like to have very much bonus content for those who play their games more than expected. Take Castle Crashers, for instance. I'm guessing only about 10% of people (tops) who own Castle Crashers are going to want to beat Insane Mode, either because they don't feel like devoting as much time on Castle Crashers or because it's too hard for them.

I don't think The Behemoth would be willing to add an extra pack of levels for after you beat Insane Mode, only because hardly anyone would end up playing it. And that's just assuming it requires 1 gold skull. 5 gold skulls would be like 3%.

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I don't think The Behemoth would be willing to add an extra pack of levels for after you beat Insane Mode, only because hardly anyone would end up playing it. And that's just assuming it requires 1 gold skull. 5 gold skulls would be like 3%.

Correction: 5 gold skulls would be like 0.1% (not counting hacked profiles)

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Additions to Insane Mode World:

Based on the feedback from everyone I suppose the number of gold skulls to get into insane mode world can be reduced to one and the second door to five.

Every time someone tries to pick up an insane sword they haven't unlocked the King's Message Bar shows up saying "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY NOOB!"

Graveyard Level:

Players will travel through a Graveyard level fighting zombies and skeletons. In the background you can see the dark outline of Dracula's Castle on a hill. A full moon is behind it making it look extra foreboding.

Crypt Level:

An Egyption Themed level where mummies are bursting from sarcophogi all over the place. There will also be Anubis Guards scattered throughout and more and more as you approach closer to the boss. There will be an annoying amount guarding the Pharaoh's Door. The door and archway around it will be solid gold and covered in hieroglypics. The final boss of course will be the Pharaoh.

Blue Potions will also give an enhanced magic meter. Meaning players will have two additional bars worth of magic on top of the normal one. The first bar will be green and the second bar under that will be orange. The green and orange bars don't come back unless another blue potion is taken. I'm debating wether or not Blue Potions must also be taken manually, even in multiplayer.

White Werewolf:

One of the bosses you fight will be a large white Werewolf with Little Red Riding Hood inside waiting to be cut out and kissed.


I was thinking Insane Mode World would have Arenas to unlock characters. Because of the difficulty though I think Insane Mode World would allow for co-op team battle instead of having to do it solo.

An undead themed Arena would be for the Zombies and an Egyption themed Arena for the Anubis Guards. Beating the regular game with the Anubis Guard would then unlock the Mummy.

Super Crit:

A super crit does 4 times the normal damage of a regular crit. Once earned players can preform a super crit even without a crit weapon. Players unlock it by beating IMW or completeing the Arenas to increase their Super Crit percentage rate. It starts off at 1% and goes up to 5%.

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More Ideas for Insane Mode World


A new idea for IMW would be the Manwitch. Available only in the IMW Deli, the Manwitch would allow for players to stay in Beefy form for 2 minutes and deal extra stat bonuses; +6 Strength and +6 Defense . Regular sammiches only give you about 20 seconds of Beefy form. IMW Manwitches will be more expensive of course but last longer. Players would only be allowed to carry 3 at a time.

The Dark Woods Level:

The heroes must travel through a forest filled with werewolves and regular wolves as they chase the Great White Werewolf. The pursuit continues over to the Graveyard Level with the boss fight at the end.

Dracula's Castle:

The knights must battle their way to the heart of Dracula's Castle. Within they find wolves, bats, and vampire minions. There are also a few Stovefaces inside as well. The castle is non linear and so players can explore different areas on the first, second, third and basement floors. Areas in the castle include; the foyer, dining hall, kitchen, library(with giant fireplace in the middle), a massive red carpeted staircase, dungeon, tower, and bedrooms. There are secret rooms and passages on each floor that can only be accessed by blowing the horn, using bombs, or eating Manwitches. Some floors will have a secret passage to the roof which is where Dracula is. The long way will require going to each floor and grabbing a key to unlock the door at the very top of the stair case.

Dracula Boss:

The boss fight will be of course be a battle with Dracula. He will be a regular sized character. His splash magic will be a Hypno Gaze which stuns all characters in front of him, his projectile magic will be a sphere of blood, and his magic jump will be a gyser of blood pushing him in the air. Once beaten it will turn out that the Necromancer has kidnapped his three brides and he needs help getting them back. New character unlocked!

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what about vampires make it harder by turning players to vampires when killed and no potions or anything to revive them and to knock them out of it you have to do a sunlight thing on them

That would be really interesting actually. I think also if part of the playable Dracula character's magic would allow him to regen health from his victim would be cool and maybe a swarm of bats pushing him up instead of a gyser of blood.

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Someone should give this guy a job, awesome ideas..

As for people completing insane mode, all depends on how much they love the game and their skill and patience... =)

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