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SND Zag1

DETOUR is released! 10% off this week! (4pack available!)

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I will expect a free copy of the game, sent to this address: Game looks fricking awesome (second house on the left with the stone). Nice job,how much will it cost?

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So it is on Xbox360? Cool,I am getting one probably. When is the planned release date?

It's actually coming out for Steam. The X360 version has been post-poned until we can take the time for a port or make the decision whether or not it's even worth our time. We're focusing on our PC release right now.

It's scheduled for Quarter 2, which means April, May, June.

Any time in there. We'll announce the date and release pretty quickly thereafter. (You should probably hang around our forums and website if you want reminders when that gets close.)

Thanks for the interest guys! It's nice to know it looks halfway decent!

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Oh yes, we released on Monday.

Sorry about not spending much time here, I'm so busy these days. We've been working on this game for... Let's say, far too long. :)

Here's some free codes for those of you who do the Steamy thing. Share em around if no one takes em, not sure how much activity this thread has gets.






We're offering support on this forum if you run into issues (as you may, it can be buggy, we're fixing stuff!) ... php?f=1126

And over at


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