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drunken feedle

Best way to level up??

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Ok being one of the vets here heres a topic which has never really been edged in stone. its been mentioned but there should be 1 absolute best way to level up.

Obvious. Desert via boomerang and industrial boss.

Now your thinking yeah its good but is it the best?


Catfish boss and saw magic... dont hit the fur ball and kill him the hard way

more hits=more exp

Painter boss: killing his paintings then him on insane then going right back for more?

Barbarian boss: yeah everyone does it.. but is it the best?

Troll bosses with red knight: does his magic take the mix for the best?

Insane mode with the fishing pole: going through the game with this weapon can make things rather tough..

So more hits=more exp... which boss has the most exp other then the wizard?

Lets hear and debate

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Troll boss on insane with almost no strength works best for me as any character. Just juggle the little trolls back and forth across the screen; I've gotten over 16,000 EXP. in one go with this method.

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the "best" way is whichever one you find to be most fun, since grinding can get a little boring, and the longer you can go without getting bored, the more EXP. i use troll boss on insane

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Any character

only level up defense and agility

Troll mom on insane with the giraffe

Or erase the update and do the boomerang glitch with the cat. Bring the giraffe

The boss with most hp... i think it's the ice king, but it's hard to exploit. Pipistrello is got more health than the Catfish but since you waste time beating the black things you are better with the catfish.

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