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All in all we all need to support the #BuffPuff movement or else the Bayo Sheik ZSS tidal wave will consume everything that already hasn't been murdered by the community.


Does anybody still play Bayo online post patch? I've actually not played it at all since then.


Anyway, umm... Yeah. I agree. #BuffPuff, and all the top tiers are lame. Especially Cloud because his sword is HUGE and all of my characters have really short hitboxes, and also I hate Cloud generally.


But! As much as I hate them, I can't blame them. The thing I hate most about Smash 4 is how good top-tier characters feel. Like, I love playing all of my characters, but if I play as Cloud, Shiek, Fox or ZSS for a couple of matches, I feel like I can never go back. They're so SMOOTH!

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