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Castle Crashers Experience Tips

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Experience Tip 1


You can keep doing the full moon level with Giraffey, do this 2 player in case a player goes down

Experience tip 2


One the Corn Boss were you get the Horn before you go to full moon if you get high enough Agility about (15-25) or try and boomerang it but it will go back in the ground

Experience Tip 3


On the Barbarian boss Level Get Modded character stand by the Barbarian with the small flag then get you friend to dive into the corner opposite modded character

Experience Tip 4


This method is just like the old boomerang Glitch but with a Ground muncher throw it just in front of the Ground muncher then throw go in front of the ground muncher but don't get too close(Insane mode for more experience points) Or Play Desert all day

Experience Tip 5


Go to the Wizard Castle Interior and choose Any of the bosses and keep fighting them(Recommended Giraffey and potions) and 1 or 2 friends

Want High Levels? Message me and if you want to play castle crashers

Gamertag: TTG Dino

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There are much easier ways to gain levels, many that don't involve glitches.

One of the more famous strategies is to keep your strength at its lowest and fight the Troll Mother over and over on Insane Mode. Even when you're up to the 90 levels, you should be able to level up at least 2 or 3 times every time.

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