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Text Adventure : Chapter 1 ???

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You find yourself in a dark room. It smells oddly of pancakes and... fried sausages? You have a splitting headache. You attempt to stand up, only to keel over as the headache slams you yet again. Now onto your knees, you feel the hard carpet on your fingertips. You have always hated the rug, but it was a gift from your previous girlfriend. You had decided to place it in his least used room, the kitchen. This was a poor choice however, as you frequently make a mess. The once soft, lush carpet now had a thick crust of various kinds of food stuff that had been collected over the years. You are currently wearing a rain-jacket and a pair of yellow rubber boots.

What are you going to do?







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Crawl towards (hopefully) a wall.


You blindly stumble towards... something. You find it eventually, head first. As you fall backwards, a large lump forms on your head, it hurts quite a bit. Your hands go against the thing that you have bumped into, and your worst fears are confirmed. It is most certainly a wall.

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