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Nova's Art Emporium

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Made this thread is for all my non fan-art well... art.

These varies from Pixel Art to Digital drawings to the less than common freehand.

Now I won't be including my old stuff for you few who where here long before since I've improved quite a bit.

So far I only have these but expect more to arrive.


Just getting a general sprite style going on with this. I chose to start with a self portrait in a sense since I thought it would be quite interesting.


A Fakemon sprite intended for a fangame but was put on ice for reasons unknown to me.

Well then again disregarding the first statement I actually have a few examples of how my signatures are now.



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Love the signatures.

Didn't know you still went here, Nova

Yeah I pop in and out every so often. Happy to hear you like them!

Just a small update this time.


Album cover for a real life friend's EP (Episode) he's making.

This rather was just made for fun (and is too large for the forum)

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