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The Eschitheridon, or: Babbity's Crappy Game Idea

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This would be an action-platformer following the story of this guy:


who will be referred to the SWORD-MAN until he is given a proper name.

So here's some story garbage:

The Eschitheridon, an ancient device that was created to cause the destruction of the world, essentially restarting the history of the human race. Until, that is, the humans prove themselves worthy of saving. Their test comes in the form of four champions: Pestilence, Insanity, War, and Death. In order to stop their own destruction, the humans would need to conquer all four of the Eschitheridon's champions, and then the Eschitheridon itself.

Pestilence, the first to awoken, has set his sights on the town closest to his resting place: Sorundale. Taking control of the last of his Plague Knights, an order he had formed the last time the Eschitheridon had started the destruction, he set toward the town.

Our hero, SWORD-MAN, was a bandit that had been in prison for many years, but has been released on the day that the mysterious Lord Galrund arrives at Sorundale. Soon after SWORD-MAN is given armor and weapons for his new job as a guard, plagued creatures and humans start attacking Sorundale. The Baron orders SWORD-MAN to aid the guards, and he goes to fight them off. After defending the town, the Baron promotes SWORD-MAN to his personal knight. He confides in SWORD-MAN that he does not trust the new Lord Galrund, and is determined to defend his town from future attacks from the plagued...

I shall update this at a later point.

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Good starting ideas. My only criticism is not to present your work as "crappy", haha. You better let them all know that your ideas are the bomb-diggity and they should totally listen to you. ;)

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