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[Edit] This contest is now closed. Please return to forums the week of May 8th to vote for your favorite story entry out of the 10 finalists!


Aspiring writers (and professional writers) this is your chance to flex your finger muscles and type up a short story for cool stuff!

Choose 2 knights as your protagonist or antagonist (main characters) and create a short back-story for those characters. (Green knight, Red knight, Blue knight, Orange knight, Grey knight, or Pink knight)

You can write in any style that you want. However, please check for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting. We will not edit it for you!


  • Entries must be 450-550 words in length. No more and no less.
  • You must e-mail your entries to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com
  • The deadline to enter will be May 1st, 2012 at 5pm PST.
  • Up to 2 entries per person only. Anyone can enter!

  • Finalists will be selected that weekend and posted on The Behemoth Community Forums on May 8th.
  • *Active forum members will get a week to vote for their favorite story.
  • Writing will be considered purely fictional and will not serve as an official story for those characters.
  • Winners will be announced by May 16th and prizes will be distributed shortly after.
  • Winners must be okay with us reblogging the story (linking it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+).
  • A total of 5 prizes will be given away:


Your choice of Castle Crashers on XBLA / PSN America

or a BattleBlock "**Duck Shark" T-shirt

(Tee only available at trade shows!)

*Active forum members = members with more than 5 approved posts. Newly registered members are unable to vote in the polls and must wait for approval from moderators before posts are visible.

**Check out Duck Shark in the opening cinematic of BattleBlock Theater!

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  • Entries must be 450-550 words in length. No more and no less.

Oh dear. That's not a lot.


Challenge Accepted. 8-)

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This is my try at telling the green knight's story.

The grey knight is in here, too!

It had been this way for days. Every time he finally managed to sleep, be it for a second, the sound of slicing woke him up. From this particular cell, he could hear it all day; either from the outside, where the barbarian and the royal soldiers' heads kept raining down, or from the inside of the castle, where death sentences were given to the sorcerers.

Henry had felt closer to the barbarians than he had ever felt to the king, let alone his presumptuous guards.

His magical powers had brought nothing good to his life. Not only was it frowned upon, but there was nothing good his magic could've accomplished. For years he had been an outcast of society, hiding from the other people in the kingdom.

That was, until he attempted to take the king's life. In his sleep he could see this moment over and over again: him, entering the royal kitchen, under the guard's watch. With so many people trying to kill the king, it was mandatory that he was to be searched for weapons and narcotics. What they didn't know, is that the poison really was inside him, for the whole time; ever since he was born, actually. That would probably be the only time his power would've helped him, or so did he think.

Naturally, Henry got caught. He never was the sneaky kind of guy, anyway. The green smoke produced from his body didn’t help, to be honest. What did it matter, really? In a matter of days, his head would be cut off, and his life over.

Accompanied by the sound of footsteps came a large, grey figure. "So, did you reconsider my offer?" the guard said. For the third time this week, the familiar shape stood in the doorway. "You have nothing to lose at this point. It's simple, you deal with this barbarian problem, and your debt to the kingdom is considered paid. Of course, that technically make you a knight, which means we could still need you, even with the barbarian problem out of the way”. The man in the grey-plated armor took out an axe “Or I could put an end to this miserable life of yours, as soon as you want. But that’s not what we want, is it?”

Henry had reconsidered. He did not want to become yet another headless corpse. He didn't want to be another of the king's cannon fodders, either. But at this point, what he really wanted to do was survive. And since he's still here in his scratched, distinctive green-plated armor to tell me his story today, I guess that's what he did.

Now, why he reached as far as my chapel, through the thieves’ forest and the flowery field, I wouldn’t know. He said he was here to buy some potions, and that he and his friends were mostly in for the girls and loots at this point, but his new life seems much more enjoyable to him. Although judging by the stains on his cleaver, I think he has got over the sound of heads being sliced off.

Might need a few touches, but consider this as the final version.

Edited by scarabix

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My second entry, spoiler-ed due to immature content.

The scene takes place in the flowery fields. While the blue, red and green knight are gone forward to fight off the coneheads, orange stays behind to make sure the pink knight keeps up with the group.

"Dude, come the f*ck on already".

"Nope. No, no, no. It’s way too stiff. I refuse"

"Okay, look, we should've left you at the castle"

"No! That's not true! I saved your life many times! I... I'm better at fighting than you!"

"Oh yeah, well come over and say that to my face!"

“As soon as I cross this gap, I swear.”

“Well cross it already! Come ON. You shove your pink balloon on this catapult, or we leave you behind”

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“You bet your balloon! I’m not blue. If it were about me only, we wouldn’t even have let you stay with the group.”

“Oh wow. What an balloon.”

“No, I mean it. All you’ve done for now is slow us down. Oh no guys, I’m not riding this one deer! Oh no guys, I don’t want to fight the little kitty! I don’t want to fight this poopy bat! Look at me; I’m such a big f*cking deal”

“Well it doesn’t help that the four of you guys keep on dragging me into situations that involve molesting animals or getting poop all over my new plates!”

“And that’s because this isn’t a bloody fashion show! We’re on a war, dammit! But you, you don’t give a crap do you? All you have to do is walk nonchalantly into the enemy and throw rainbows at them, then take all the credit”

“And what do YOU do? I’ve not seen you kill a single bee since we’ve left the cave! If anything it’s you we should’ve left behind. All you’ve done so far is waste all of our money on bombs, and the only thing you’ve broken so far using them is treasure chests!”

“Alright that’s it, I’m leaving you behind”

“Don’t you go up that damn ladder, Judas!”

“I am totally going up that ladder.”

“Oh, for lovesake!”

“Can’t hear you”

“Look, I’m afraid of pits.”

“And I’m afraid there’s only going to be four girls, so see you dude!”

“Say what?”

“Err, nothing”

“Okay that’s it, I’m totally crossing that pit, and then I’ll kick your balloon.”

“Do it, f**got”

The pink knight proceeds to launch himself towards the mauve brick wall, which he barely accomplishes, and doesn’t manage much but grab a single brick, to which he hangs by an arm, threatening to fall down to a certain, painful death, a hundred meters below.

“God damned! I knew I couldn’t trust these catapults”

“Hang on, I got you”

The orange knight quickly goes back down the ladder, and pulls the pink knight up, saving him from a free fall.

“Thanks man. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“I don’t know, maybe by not stalling the progression every two seconds?”

“Look, if you can stop calling me out on this, I won’t tell the others about your loot.”

“No deal”.

“… and I’ll leave you the blue princess”

“Still no deal”



This scene ends as they seal the deal with a handshake and walk off to join the slaughter.


Oh no, not curse words!

Edited by scarabix

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I shouldn't say this since you guys are my competition but it does say You must e-mail your entries to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com So yeah I advice doing so instead of posting it here (unless you already did then nevermind)

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Guest Yonodama Hiro

I sent it to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com

I hope to win! I loved the T-shirt!

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Would you like our two entries submitted seperately or together?

Either is fine. Just a limit of 2 per person. ;-)

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Sent it in last night! By the way, I think the winner should get an autograph and a Blacksmith Pack code... :ph34r:

Anyways, best of luck to everyone who entered! :lol:

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