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Castle Crashers Necromancer Figurine - Kickstarter

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I'd be willing to pay $60 for it. It's beautiful. ;A;

It's awesome, mine sits above my TV, next to my Kinect.

I think I have to kill you now. You just said you had a Kinect.

Also, I'd be willing to buy this too. It'd go good with my red knight and Barbarian.

Got my Kinect solely for voice commands in Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and YouTube.

Oh. Well that's different.

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Alrighty remember to stay on topic, all! :P

You're not the boss of me! Wait...actually, you kind of are, so nevermind.

I'm hoping my Necromancer figurine is worth something someday. I'm sure it will be. I hope. Please?

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